Sometimes love makes us psychopaths. The thirst to be in first place in the life of the second half turns into a real mania. A person goes to extremes in fear of losing his love. And men are no exception. We’ve rounded up five crazy partner requirements that make your boyfriend a psycho!

Abnormal demands from a partnerAbnormal demands from a partner

Abnormal demands from a partner

No matter how perfect and long a relationship is, each partner must have their own boundaries. However, the guy and the girl lose their “I” and simply become dependent on each other.

Over time, this codependency turns into a fear of losing a soul mate, and hence abnormal demands from a partner arise. So, we have collected the most incorrect behaviors in relationships. Pay attention to avoid this in your personal life.

relationship problemsrelationship problems

1. He demands constant attention.

The guy wants to spend all his free time with you. It doesn’t matter to him that you are tired after work, you want to relax, be alone with yourself or meet friends. You should be there, because you don’t need anyone else. This is a typical manifestation of abnormal partner dependence and pure selfishness.

A person is too immersed in relationships and sees nothing else besides them. But outside the “dome of love” is a whole life in which the soulmate is clearly trying to limit. This behavior is inherent, of course, not only men, but also women. So take a look!

The guy is psycho.  What to doThe guy is psycho.  What to do

2. Forbids something

Every person is a free creature. Therefore, a man has no right to forbid you anything: meeting a girlfriend who doesn’t like something, staying late at work, communicating with the opposite sex because he is jealous. These are all warning signs that you should pay attention to.

Probably, the beloved simply does not trust or wants to limit your position in society, so that only he remains among your relatives. This is abnormal and wrong. In this case, you should discuss your personal space with your loved one and if he does not understand your desire to communicate with other people and make decisions on your own, you should run away from such a guy!

Man and womanMan and woman

3. Requires access to social networks

The young man demands to see social networks, wanting to see who writes to you, who you like and who you follow. A profile on the Web is a kind of way of self-expression, a personal space that everyone wants and must manage on their own. If a guy violates your right to privacy, then it’s time to think about whether your relationship is toxic?

By the way, some couples, allegedly in a fit of complete trust and mutual understanding, share with each other the passwords of their pages on social networks and even create joint accounts. Such decisions often turn against one of the partners.

So, access to the page of the second half limits a person in freedom. You will no longer be able to once again complain to a friend or mother about a guy, even look at the pages of the former for the sake of interest, because all your actions are monitored.

Guy wants access to social mediaGuy wants access to social media

4. Makes you feel guilty

A guy goes beyond reasonable behavior when he begins to shift responsibility onto his girlfriend and try on the role of a victim. Whatever kind of conflict, both are always partially to blame for it. There is no smoke without fire. If one of you is dissatisfied with something, it means that the other has shown a certain negligence in communication.

However, the psychic lover does not see his guilt. He exposes the guilty lady of the heart and will demand that she take pity on him and apologize. Such men are only looking for a reason to be offended, offended, ignored, although they don’t really feel anything like that. If your relationship has a similar model of behavior on the part of a guy, think about it!

silver Linings Playbooksilver Linings Playbook

5. Does not allow dressing and make-up to taste

In the yard of the XXI century, fashion dictates freedom of choice! You have the right to wear and make up as you please. Men often pay attention to the appearance of a girl. For example, you might have met when you were wearing long boots, a short skirt, or a tight dress/pants.

However, now he forbids you to wear such things and generally wants you to dress and make up more modestly. This not normal! Every woman has the right to look how she wants and emphasize her sexuality through clothes or makeup. Within the ethics of style, of course.

What strange demands from a guy have you encountered? Share your experience in the comments.