In social networks or recommendations for cosmetic procedures, you can find the opinion that most of them are practically painless. FROM dermatologist-cosmetologist Amina Berdova we figure out whether this is really so, which anti-aging procedures are painless and which are not, and whether all the unpleasant sensations are worth the effect that we get in the final.

1. Smas-lifting

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures for rejuvenation today is hardware smas-lifting. According to statistics, every second patient visiting a dermatocosmetologist resorted to it. Surveys of patients reveal a high level of pain during this manipulation – approximately 7-8 points out of 10 possible. At the same time, only 20% of respondents note the effectiveness of hardware smas-lifting. This is due to the fact that each procedure has its own indications and contraindications that cannot be ignored.

2. TCA peel

Very painful (8 out of 10 points) is the procedure of trichloroacetic peeling (TCA). It is aimed at smoothing the macro- and micro-relief of the skin, allows you to smooth out wrinkles and start the process of skin regeneration and renewal. But often after TCA peeling secondary post-inflammatory pigmentation is formed. To obtain a lasting effect, such procedures should be carried out in a course, however, the resources of the skin condition often do not correspond to the stimulating effect, therefore soft combined peels have come to replace these peels – absolutely comfortable and without complications.

3. CO2 laser

CO2 laser is an excellent procedure aimed at minimizing visual skin imperfections, improving complexion, skin elasticity. But the level of pain that patients experience can be equated to 10 points out of 10. To obtain the desired effect, it is better to do it under anesthesia, since the procedure under local anesthesia has a superficial effect with high pain. The effect of rejuvenation lasts up to 20 months.

4. Collagen stimulating drugs

Injections of some collagen-based drugs are painful, and each injection feels like a bee sting. To achieve the effect, you need a whole course of such procedures (at least 5-6) in combination with other methods. At the same time, after the manipulation, we can see a slight improvement in the quality of the skin. Of course, all methods have a place to be: the main thing is to choose them correctly and carry out procedures if there are indications for them.

5. Myostimulation and microcurrents

Hardware myostimulation procedures, and sometimes microcurrents (especially in the presence of dental implants) can cause severe discomfort. The effect of the procedures is weakly expressed if they are used for the purpose of rejuvenation. Both procedures are comparable to facial massage – they perfectly tone the skin, improve blood circulation, and improve complexion. But, of course, you should not expect a serious rejuvenation effect from them.

6. Lip augmentation

Lip correction with unbound hyaluronic acid causes severe pain even when topical anesthesia is applied. The fact that this procedure is temporary is known to almost all the fair sex, but this does not stop them from conducting subsequent injections. The moisturizing effect after the procedure can also be called short-term. In this situation, it is better to use stabilized hyaluronic acid of different density.

7. Thread lifting

Thread lifting of the forehead and also the use of threads of various modifications to raise the “tail” of the eyebrow, creating a fashionable “fox look” does not have a long enough result – on average, about six months. The lifting procedure is expensive and painful: up to a month, pain may be felt during movement, sensitivity disorders – parasthesia. In order to “try on” how raised eyebrows will look, you can use this technique, but in the future it is better to resolve the issue of endoscopic forehead lift or blepharoplasty.

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