Your fan is younger than you, and you doubt whether your relationship has a future? According to statistics, a third of women over the age of 35 are dating men who are 7-10 years younger than them or more. What attracts the weaker sex to youths, and those to mature ladies?

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Most are sure that such relationships are short-lived. A young lover will pump out all her money from a partner, buy himself a car-apartment at her expense, and remember your name. But he doesn’t pump it out, he’ll leave it anyway – there are so many young ladies around. Can an older friend compete with them? However, she will quit – so she needs it!

However, despite the general skepticism and condemnation, an age-unequal romance can be the happiest time in life. And, surprisingly, for both partners. Now it doesn’t bother anyone if a woman is 5–8 years older than her chosen one. According to surveys conducted by psychologists, young men admitted that it is what drives them crazy in relationships with mature ladies.

younger manyounger man

1. Good sex

What will definitely be great in this couple is sex. A mature woman is an ideal partner for a young guy, because for men the peak of sexual activity is up to 30 years old, and for women after 30 (and many ladies do not calm down until menopause, or even after it). Therefore, the degree of passion will be prohibitive. Not so with peers. Men “over forty” instead of sex are more likely to go to the cinema or go fishing, forgetting that a partner at forty-five is a berry again. And that it should be appeased not only with comedies and fish soup. A young girl can also ignore the sexual appeals of a peer partner – her libido is still asleep: she doesn’t seem to mind, but she’s not really in favor either. And choosing between sex and cinema, he is also likely to choose cinema.

But an aged woman will willingly support the erotic fantasies of a young partner, and even throw in a couple of her ideas. In sex, an adult woman behaves more relaxed than a young girl. In bed, she is active, skillful and tireless, which delights her partner. And when he sees what pleasure she receives from his caresses, he wants to shower them on his chosen one more and more …

2. Style, grooming, envy of others

As young lovers admit, their older girlfriends always look great, are confident in themselves, and know how to present themselves advantageously. In this, they compare favorably with notorious peers who are always worried about weight, acne and spend half a day choosing what to wear on a date. In addition, a status woman immediately raises the authority of a young man in the eyes of his peers.

A woman’s relationship with the young rejuvenates better than beauty injections, the gym and braces combined. Firstly, it’s nice to know that at 40 you can turn the head of a 25-year-old. Secondly, the release of sex hormones stimulates the formation of substances that prevent the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, sexually active individuals are also active in life: they have a healthier heart and blood vessels, they smile more often and are less prone to stress and depression. An affair with a young person is something like a comprehensive anti-aging care, pleasant and useful.

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3. Interesting communication, help and support

A mature woman, as a rule, is an interesting conversationalist. She does not require to be run around like a little girl, she has self-control, knows how to treat the situation with humor, can listen, encourage, suggest something useful.

So her chosen one is not for nothing – he is flattered to realize that a smart, beautiful, successful woman is interested in him and thanks to him he looks happy and young. In addition, his partner is also a devoted friend – she will understand, support, help.

4. Ease of relationship

This attractive side of relations with an older lady was noted by 80% of respondents. And, most importantly, ladies share this opinion: a man who is younger than you will not constantly reproach, instruct you on the “true path” and limit your actions in every possible way. He treats life much easier, so with this it will be more fun and easier.

What are the long-term forecasts for such a relationship? Statistics show that 53% of marriages in which husband and wife are the same age fall apart after a couple of years. This is especially true for young couples. And in Western countries, unequal marriages, where a woman is 10 (or more) years older than a man, have long been considered a normal phenomenon and it is even fashionable. On average, such relationships last fifteen years. But there are couples living together for 20 and 30 years.