Notice how your man flirts with the waitress? Did you see his correspondence on social networks? Did you find a lipstick mark on his clothes? Anger and resentment rise in you, and tears well up in your eyes, are you ready to kill him? Learn how to stay calm and deal with jealousy.

how to get rid of jealousy photohow to get rid of jealousy photo

1. Master deep breathing

It is not necessary to be an advanced yogi to calm down in a stressful situation and cope with jealousy. It is enough to remember that even breathing is also able to clarify thoughts. Try slowly inhaling for 4 counts and exhaling for 4 counts. Breathing in which the exhalation is slightly longer than the inhalation also calms and calms the agitated mind.

2. Call your best friend

Close people will do a great job of supporting and reassuring you. Call your mom or a friend and ask them to talk. If you tell them how you feel and say out loud what emotions you are experiencing, you will feel better. At this stage, you do not need advice from the outside and phrases from the category: “I told you, he is not worthy of you!” Your goal is to pour out your soul and stop being nervous.

3. Never be silent

get rid of jealousyget rid of jealousy

Of course, there are situations in which it would be smarter to remain silent, but this is not her. In no case do not start deaf soul-searching and do not hold a grudge in yourself. You don’t want early wrinkles and a dull complexion, do you? We advise you to use one of the above methods (or better, all at once) and, having calmed down, be sure to discuss this unpleasant situation with your partner. But not like in the photo 😉

4. Get an express massage

Ever since your school days, you remember that there are a large number of biologically active points on the auricles that are associated with parts of our body. It’s time to put the knowledge into practice. In order to quickly recover from unpleasant news, do a two-minute ear massage. Start the massage from the earlobes in a circular motion with the index finger and thumb and gradually move to the tops of the auricles. You will see how anxiety and tension will leave you in a couple of minutes, and you will be able to cope with jealousy.

5. Drink water and wash your face

jealousy photojealousy photo

Water is life. And water is a great way to calm down. Try slowly drinking a couple of glasses of water in small sips, and then wash your face with cold water. This ritual of tranquility will restore your composure and the ability to think clearly.

6. Get busy

The ability to take your mind off things in a stressful situation and do other things seems like something out of science fiction. But believe me, this is really what you need. Instead of crying, swallowing sedatives, or tearing out your (or his) hair, just mind your own business. It will take quite a bit of time, but it will be enough to streamline thoughts, “put out the inner fire and cope with jealousy.

7. Talk to yourself

Do not rush to run and make a scandal to your missus. In a fit of resentment and anger, you can say too much, which you will later regret. But the word is not a sparrow … Therefore, instead of speaking harshness, it is better to go into the next room and say out loud to yourself everything that worries you. An excellent solution would be to rehearse the monologue in front of a mirror. This will give you a chance to look at yourself and the situation from the outside and find the right words for the upcoming conversation. Getting rid of jealousy is not so easy, but it is quite possible to control yourself and calmly figure everything out.