Psychologists distinguish 5 types of jealousy and call them by colors – from white to purple. How to determine how healthy your partner’s jealousy is, and what to do if it destroys not only your relationship, but also your personality?

jealousy types of jealousy than jealousy is dangerousjealousy types of jealousy than jealousy is dangerous

The wife returned late from work in a suspiciously good mood … The husband began to joke too actively with a pretty neighbor on the floor … Fear has big eyes, and now the jealous or jealous woman is ready to decide that the partner has a stormy romance with the saddest consequences for the family.

Psychologists have long called jealousy the “Othello syndrome”, and judging by the name, such a suspicious attitude towards a loved one does not end with anything good.

But not everything is so scary – there is still something useful in jealousy. Experts classified this feeling according to the color principle. What color is your partner’s suspicions? We study and draw conclusions!

white jealousy

The most harmless (and even useful for relationships) jealousy is white. A person is confident in himself, his partner and relationships, but resolutely guards “his own” and suppresses all attempts at “assassination”.

what is the danger of jealousywhat is the danger of jealousy

From the point of view of biology, this is a healthy instinct, mobilizing abilities to defeat a competitor, activating and refreshing intimate relationships, strengthening the harmony of marriage.

A jealous partner “appeases” a soul mate: he gives flowers and gifts, takes him to a restaurant, takes him to a resort. The only condition is that the half must coordinate all their actions with the “owner”. Sometimes he may well forbid something harmless like his wife’s trip to a meeting of former classmates – just to once again test his power.

blue jealousy

Blue jealousy manifests itself if the weak psyche of a jealous person cannot cope with mental anguish.

otello syndrome toxic relationshipotello syndrome toxic relationship

A person falls into depression, begins to see the world as monotonous. Modern color psychologists associate this color with increased anxiety and self-doubt.

A man plunges into gloomy thoughts, loses interest in past hobbies, sometimes he can even throw a tantrum. He is convinced that he is not worth his beloved, and sooner or later she will leave him. The manifestation of love by a woman and assurances of the importance of a partner for her give only a short-term result; consultation with a psychologist is desirable.

green jealousy

The next stage of jealousy is when self-doubt and unhealthy suspicions are transformed in a jealous person into a firm belief in the betrayal of a loved one.

what is the danger of jealousywhat is the danger of jealousy

This is the stage when a 15-minute delay is enough for the husband to know for sure: she MANAGED to cheat on him. Where, how and with whom – it does not matter. Jealousy turns into a green hopeless longing.

Men seek solace in alcohol, antidepressants, sometimes drugs. Logic does not work at this stage, it is better not to let things take their course, but to turn to a psychologist.

red jealousy

Sooner or later, the blue-green emotional lump is filled with such despair that an explosion occurs – and a transition to an aggressive – red – stage of jealousy.

jealousy toxic relationshipjealousy toxic relationship

Jealousy is red – terrible, ridiculous, uncontrollable. Man’s reasoning is absolutely absurd.

A jealous man can, for example, time his wife’s way home from work, and being late for 15 minutes will no longer lead to accusations, but to assault. This is psychosis. Only treat!

purple jealousy

The next jealousy is purple. Although this is nonsense of a small scale, it is the most insidious variant of the disease.

jealousy treatmentjealousy treatment

A person behaves reasonably in all spheres of life, but in terms of jealousy it turns out to be simply impenetrable. Violet delirium of jealousy is very well thought out and seems to be even logical.

As a rule, a person completely builds a parallel reality, in which he carefully and scrupulously builds a scheme for punishing a “traitor”.

But he embodies this scheme in real life – and the embodiment is often tragic … Violet jealousy is very difficult to treat, and only a specialist – a psychologist, and sometimes a psychiatrist – can cope with it.

illustrations: @schmitz_illustration