Reddit users were asked when they were so honest that it caused problems or even offended others. And here is what they answered.

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The painful truth about orgasm

During my second relationship, I decided to be honest and open about when I had and didn’t have an orgasm. This guy took it very hard and as a personal failure. But he also thought he was great in bed and refused to listen when I gave advice about what I liked. After all, that was one of the many reasons why I broke up with him.

Conversation with a colleague

A colleague complained to me that men who do not want to date a single mother are freaks and wanted me to agree with her.

I said I didn’t agree, everyone has the right to have certain dating preferences. I added that I myself do not date men with children, because this is my preference, to which I also have every right. She said it was discrimination. I said it’s personal preference. She became even more defensive and asked what if I met the perfect man and he had a child. I said that this proposal was controversial because my “ideal” man would not have a child. Pause. She didn’t like it, I wouldn’t agree with her, so she changed the subject.

Finally, she told the other women in the office that that’s what i saidthat men should not date single mothers. My boss took me aside and asked if it was true. I explained the situation and he told me that my colleague said she was going to file a complaint against me with HR.

After 6 or 7 months she was fired from our office for other reasons.

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Problems? What problems?

You’re laughing? I tell people all the time that they’re jerks and that always creates problems. People don’t like it when you point out the obvious.

The truth about feelings for others

I told my ex about my feelings for the other guy and how sad I was about the state of our relationship. We hardly spoke and our relationship seemed very superficial, despite the fact that we had been dating for a year.

I said that I wanted us to work on our communication. Needless to say, he was hurt, he asked me not to be [легкомысленной] and said that I would never be happy. We broke up two days after that. I should have told him that I was unhappy with our relationship, and not mention the other person … I think that in a sense I dumped too much on him.


The truth about the reasons for the breakup

When I ended my last relationship, my ex asked me to list the reasons why I left. Even though he was very rude to me and others, I still regret telling the truth.

I don’t think it really helped anything other than upset him a bit, but it could have been done with a lot less harsh words. So now, instead of using that list to get better, he’s wallowing in regret and self-pity, even a year later.