Yesterday you were doing well, you made plans for the future and enjoyed each other. And today the man just disappeared from your horizon … Why do men leave in silence, without explanations and goodbyes? In our opinion, there are five reasons. And you have nothing to do with any of them!

why do men leave in silencewhy do men leave in silence

Do not even think of blaming yourself and indulging in thoughts about your possible disadvantages and mistakes. Recently, the departure of a man without saying goodbye, in English, has become the norm rather than the exception. Believe me, a lot of women face this. Psychologists believe that intentional ignorance on the part of a man is possible in such cases:

1. He feels guilty

He thinks he’s acting out of the best of intentions. He knows that you are good, but he is not ready for a relationship. To say this in person is uncomfortable and scary, so he chooses the easiest, in his opinion, path, cowardly hoping at the same time that you yourself will understand everything, forgive and forget. Oddly enough, men are sure that any explanations and apologies on their part hurt more than silence. The most humane option, in their opinion, is to disappear without explanation.

2. He is a coward

And this type is frankly afraid of a showdown and high-profile scandals. Perhaps he feels that he is “not drawn” to this relationship, is not ready to take responsibility, is afraid not to live up to your expectations. Or maybe he was just scared by the prospect of a serious relationship. It is easier for him to merge in a quiet way, without explanations and emotional intensity. He is terribly afraid of conflicts, because he is generally afraid of relationships.

why do men leave without saying goodbyewhy do men leave without saying goodbye

3. He is infantile

Perhaps he is disposed towards you, but not strongly enough. This happens if a man is a romantic at heart and he needs not just a good woman, but some “vibes”, “chemistry”. Thinking in such categories most often betrays an infantile and far from reality character, so parting with him should be taken rather as a blessing. He himself does not understand what he needs, so he definitely cannot explain why he did it. And it is not necessary!

4. He didn’t choose you

You are not the only option. No matter how bitter it is to realize, but the reason may be in a more successful rival. This often happens if you met your boyfriend on a dating site: most men prefer to chat with several girls at once before choosing one. Being a “fallback” is unpleasant, but you shouldn’t overdramatize the situation. Such people, as a rule, do not stay in a relationship for a long time, but again and again go in search of.

5. He’s manipulative

It also happens that a man just wants to torment you. His sudden disappearance is a great tool for manipulation: you suffer from the unknown, drive yourself into a frenzy, trying to figure out what happened. And he waits for the moment to return and “make happy” you. And impose my will on you. Believe me, this is the most vile type of “missing”. Let it disappear into the mist forever!

why do men run awaywhy do men run away

If a man left without saying goodbye, looking for a meeting with him or writing to find out the reason is a bad idea. It will be difficult for him to admit his mistake and cowardice, so he will either not answer at all, or come up with a ridiculous excuse, or even try to shift the blame onto you.

If a man is alive and well, but has ceased to communicate with you, do not waste time on empty waiting and inventing excuses for him: “he has a lot of work, he is not up to me”, “he is frightened by the power of feelings, he decided to take a break”. If your relationship is important to a man, he will definitely take a minute to let you know that everything is in order. Move forward, towards new meetings, new relationships! Life goes on!