All of us, beautiful ladies, dream that a man will be the first to take a step. But our “knights” are no longer the same, and it happens that in order not to be left alone, we need to push them a little to action. The same applies to social networks, especially Tinder. About how to interest a man from the first message and something else, read further in the article.

what to post on tinderwhat to post on tinder

In case you are tired of being banal in communication, start a dialogue with the phrase: “Hello. How are you? ”, I picked up a couple of options for you, from which you can build on at any time.

Top 7 phrases with which it is better to start correspondence on Tinder

1. Could you spend a week in the mountains?

The phrase is simple, but at the same time interesting. Any such question will stand out from the flow of others. In addition, this will provoke a man to tell more about himself, about his hobbies and leisure. Thus, you can find a common ground and share your hobbies. Or maybe they match.

2. If anything, I love daisies

Any flower name will do here, even a cactus. But such a bold message will not go unnoticed. And if there is also spring on the street, then it will not be difficult to beat everything beautifully. Yes, and the man will take note of what you can give for the first date.

3. What is your favorite dish?

Here already, you will make more of a hint to yourself. After all, you will initially know about his culinary preferences. You can ask not about the dish, but your favorite fruit or ice cream. Such a message can evoke hundreds of pleasant memories and associations with childhood and will immediately set a light tone for communication, and where there is lightness, there is humor, and where there is humor, it is no longer boring.

what to write to a manwhat to write to a man

4. Is this your red cat?

Well, it’s not in vain that they came up with the idea of ​​adding photos on social networks. This is not only a way to see the appearance of the interlocutor, but also a way to learn more about him. You can send a photo of your pet with the caption: “I want to communicate.” If this person loves animals, then he will definitely not remain indifferent, and besides, he will also be touched.

5. North or south?

Such a question does not carry a semantic load, but it will tell more about the preferences of a man. Maybe every year he doesn’t know where to go in winter, or vice versa, there is so much heat in him that it’s enough for the two of you. The question may also apply to countries with completely different climatic zones.

6. Moment or eternity?

This question carries a very good semantic load. After all, each of us likes from time to time to think about something high: about God, the Cosmos, death, life, etc. Well, besides, this question will allow you to understand whether your interlocutor is educated or not. After all, why do you need a stupid man, if most likely, you just left the same one.

7. Is there friendship between a man and a woman?

This is no longer a philosophical question, but an opportunity to learn about his views on life. Here you can already have a good discussion. You can either accept his point of view or refute it. And at the same time, see how a person will behave in situations where someone does not agree with him.

Men are very predictable and it is quite easy to understand their further behavior. Therefore, it was quite easy to draw up a so-called set of rules.

what to text a guy on tinderwhat to text a guy on tinder

The main rules for conducting correspondence with a man:

  • His interest should be greater than yours, so do not write too long messages. The advantage and mystery should be with you, not with him. Make sure that there is something more hidden behind each of your messages. Women with a mystery have always attracted and fascinated any man.
  • The male gender, by nature, is not inclined to bother with something. But sometimes they still need to have a brainstorm, which means that it’s better for you, at least, not to rush to respond to his messages. Let 5 minutes pass, maybe 10, so that he begins to doubt his answers a little. But write yourself, as if nothing had happened. Sometimes you can “remember” it even after 20 minutes. After all, you, too, can “have important things to do.” But do not overdo it with this technique. Thus, your value in his eyes will only grow.
  • Intrigue, remember, intrigue. Don’t put a bunch of emoticons at the end of every answer. Let them think about what your message means.
  • It doesn’t matter if the correspondence hits a dead end. After all, you can always provoke a new answer. You can “accidentally” send a message or photo to the wrong place. You can also ask his “male” opinion about something (for example, your outfit or some moment indirectly related to his work).

These rules will help you communicate on Tinder or another social network, but if you feel that your intuition tells you something else, then listen to it. After all, no one knows better than you how to do the right thing in your life.

I hope that my advice can give you the desired happiness. But remember, advice is only half the battle, the rest is up to you.

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