Our home is a place where we recuperate and fill up with energy. It is from the “weather in the house” that our internal state directly depends. After all, a breakdown, apathy, weakness can appear not only against the background of an illness. There is a possibility that these symptoms have arisen because of the things around you, which, like energy vampires, “suck” the life forces out of you. Sometimes, to restore good spirits, it is enough to clean and get rid of unnecessary things. What exactly – told family psychologist Olga Romaniv.

Through unwashed windows

As Olga Romaniv notes, windows in a number of teachings are called the eyes of the owner of the house. After all, they help to look at the world around and let light into the house. “Dirty glass distorts reality, making it more gloomy and gray. Washing windows is where you should start cleaning your home, ”explains the specialist.

Sunlight, doctors say, is a necessary element for good health. No wonder people feel worse during periods when it is cloudy outside. There is evidence that a third less sunlight can enter through dirty glasses than through clean ones. The lack of sunlight leads to the risks of obesity, depression, poor sleep and stress. Naturally, life energy in these conditions is melting before our eyes.

Mess around

It happens that a person does not have time for cleaning, while a glance thrown at the accumulated pile of things for ironing drives one into despondency. Strength becomes less and less, the desire to get up and do something also disappears. As a result – a vicious circle: the mess sucks all the forces, and he continues to multiply. Of the minuses of this state, one can also name the accumulation of dust – in any case, it will be collected in folded objects and things hung around the house. And this is a direct path to the development of allergies, which also will not add vitality.

Sometimes people use the space under the bed to store unnecessary things. “Storage in this zone of broken equipment, useless rags leads to a deterioration in sleep. So that during the rest you fully restore your strength, organize more free space around you and store only clean, light bedding under the bed, ”advises psychologist Romaniv. In addition, the accumulated around sooner or later begins to go beyond the bed or from under the shelf. As a result, the space becomes cluttered, over time, even walking around the apartment will become inconvenient and uncomfortable. And yet – this may indicate a serious disorder known as “Plyushkin’s syndrome” – obsessive behavior when collecting unused and unnecessary things.

According to the chaos in the house, experts can even make a diagnosis – socks under the bed, things hung on chairs, unwashed dust, hastily laid out books and much more will indicate chaos in a person’s soul, thoughts and life in general, says Olga Romaniv. “Ruthlessly dispose of unused items and clothes that you don’t wear, put laundry in time and clean up. Often, after putting things in order on cluttered shelves, the long-awaited peace comes,” recommends Olga Romaniv. Chaos in the house can lead to neurosis, experts say.

Particular attention should be paid to the kitchen and broken dishes. “In order to save money, sometimes we continue to use crockery with cracks and chips. This not only increases the risk of injury, but also fills your home with strong negative energy. It is believed that, using such dishes, you attract illness and trouble to yourself and your household, ”explains Olga Romaniv. Not only does looking at cracks and scratches on a plate or pricking at a chipped piece along the edge of a mug spoil a person’s mood, these cracks can also be a source of infection, because bacteria can accumulate there. And an unhealthy person does not have sufficient vital energy.

Vampire plants?

Even such positive things as green plants, which are designed to improve the atmosphere in the house and give it more oxygen and life, can cause a person to lose vitality. “Like any living organisms, they have a fairly strong energy and have a direct impact on the atmosphere in the house. There are plants that debilitate,” says Olga Romaniv. These, for example, include ferns, monsters and others. In addition, such plants are often quite large and consume a lot of oxygen. And the popular Dieffenbachia is considered the most poisonous flower. If its juice gets on the skin, there will be severe burns and irritation.

Memory of the past

Things that “pull” the life force out of a person are also called some memorable trinkets that have been on the shelves since time immemorial. “Each of them has its own story and affects your feelings. Something could have been donated by a person with whom you have long ceased communication. Something may be associated with an unpleasant period in your life. They can cause you strong negative emotions – longing, anger, bitterness, resentment. In this case, they should be immediately disposed of, ”explains Olga Romaniv.

A special article is gifts from the former. After all, it is far from always that our hand rises to throw them away. “There is no place for them in a new happy life. Mentally returning to the past, you again experience strong emotions and deprive yourself of the joy of the present, ”explains the specialist.