Recently, we often hear stories about Ukrainian soldiers who do not feel pain from bullets and continue to fight. They are called zombies or cyborgs.

Several videos with similar stories are circulating on the Internet. Everywhere it is stated that soldiers become incredibly hardy under some especially strong combat drugs. Is it possible at all: to receive bullets, injuries, and, without feeling them at all, continue to move forward? Or is it all military mythology: fear has big eyes, and there is a lot of fear in war. To find out, turned to specialist in pain treatment, algologist, candidate of medical sciences, Research Institute of Neurosurgery. Burdenko Emil Isagulyan:

“There are potentially several situations where a person does not feel pain even with severe injuries and can continue to move.

First, this happens with congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (lack of sweating). But this cannot be related to the mentioned videos about soldiers. In the world, only a few hundred people with such a rare genetic disease have ever been registered.

Secondly, pain may not be felt under the influence of modern synthetic drugs. At the same time, you need to understand that these are not “combat drugs”, and the person who has taken them is not capable of conscious combat actions. He can only fire indiscriminately or throw grenades at random. In fact, such means change consciousness and introduce a person into a state of psychosis. Therefore, he can perform inadequate and dangerous actions even for himself, sometimes this ends in injury or death. The severity of the reaction to such synthetic drugs is different, it is individual. Worst of all, they are easily accessible, with quite a few teenagers dabbling in them. And, perhaps, the soldiers who began to accept them in civilian life continue to do so at the front. Such things happen.

Foreman of the reconnaissance company of the 74th separate reconnaissance battalion of the Ukrainian army, senior sergeant Vitaliy Katranich.

Thirdly, the severity of the pain syndrome is highly dependent on the situation. In combat conditions, when a person is aimed at a fight with the enemy and he has some kind of super-task, his consciousness can be so distracted that he will endure even very strong pain much easier than at rest. This is also the case with athletes who aim to win. In normal times, from such pains, a person could die from pain shock. In principle, such situations occur in combat, and it is possible that members of the NWO have encountered them. ”