Now various trainings from the series “Discover the goddess in yourself”, “Source of female power”, “Magic of sexuality” or courses of geisha, tantric sex and learning how to find a husband are in vogue. Judging by their abundance and diversity, they are in demand.

Major milestones in a woman's lifeMajor milestones in a woman's life

Of course, women go to them. And their goal is also obvious – women are trying to find out a win-win recipe by which you can not only lure a man, but also keep him and tame him.

I don’t know how much men “peck” at geishas or goddesses, but I know for sure that a Woman is attracted to a Man. Not just a female, in women’s clothes, but someone who not only looks like a woman, but also behaves like a woman.

We’re just in trouble with this. Girls grow up, grow up, grow old, but never pass the path of initiation into a Woman. There are many varieties of such women-girls:

  • a girl professor who has gone into a career or science;
  • the infanta girl is a gentle “dandelion”, who even at the age of 50 naively flaps her eyelashes and capriciously pouts her lips;
  • a girl-mother who can both get stuck at the stage of a teenager and behave like her child, or become a solid matron who lives the life of her own child.

There are many types of uninitiated girls, but one thing unites them – the complete collapse of their personal lives. There may either not be a man at all, or he is present not in his best role – the same infant, henpecked or drunkard. Or someone else with whom it is difficult to live with to the point of impossibility.

What is female initiation and how is it done?

What is Women's InitiationWhat is Women's Initiation

There are different classifications of female archetypes, or so-called prototypes, or hypostases. I like the typology of the four main female roles the most: Princess, Mistress, Mistress, Queen. Because everyone else, one way or another, only complements it.

Of these four types, the evolution of female growth is determined by two – the Princess and the Queen. All girls from birth to somewhere up to 25 years old are Princesses. Next, they must grow into Queens, passing two images on the way – the Mistress (servant, mother) and the Mistress (courtesan).

Only the passage of this ladder step by step leads eventually to the throne of the Queen, or to one’s femininity. But why does about 10% of women reach the goal? The rest either remain Princesses or get stuck in the Mistress stage.

There are several reasons. One of them is the relationship with the mother.

How does a relationship with a mother affect a woman?How does a relationship with a mother affect a woman?

A maturing daughter for a mother is, first of all, a transfer of power and a meeting with her own withering. The Queen Mother must hand over the throne to her daughter. This is what happens if the mother herself correctly went through the entire path of female initiation. But what if it didn’t pass? If she is stuck on the stage of a capricious girl-Princess, she does not want to give away her favorite toy (daughter) for anything, or, on the contrary, she has got used to the role of a harsh and despotic Mistress, for whom her daughter is an eternal Servant.

Or Mother-Lover, for whom the daughter-Lover is a competitor, which means that you need to keep her in some other way, for example, the same Servant or Jester (freak). The arsenal of maternal remedies that keep a daughter from initiation is limitless. Health blackmail, threats to disinherit, subtle convictions that the daughter is a worthless freak and no one but her mother needs are used.

Girl daughters are a sad sight. They can be 30 or 58 years old. They can even be very successful in their careers. But they live with their mothers. Without husbands.

Very often without children. Or they give birth to a child during a period of active rebellion against the mother, but the rebellion is brutally suppressed, the father of the child is expelled from life physically or “expelled” mentally – the man goes into alcohol or some other destructive. And mom uses this to once again press the “worthless loser” button on her daughter. Outwardly, these women, mother’s girls, are distinguished by girlish behavior.

This is especially evident when they communicate with men. Women-girls with men either actively clash and behave aggressively, or giggle idiotically and play pranks – in general, they behave like teenagers. They don’t know how otherwise, they are stuck at the stage of puberty, when the object they like is either hit on the head with a briefcase as a sign of great sympathy, or they blush, are silent and sigh for the same reason.

Women-girls no longer dare to openly rebel against their mother, but they can still show passive aggression, quietly running to geisha courses or deep blowjobs. But there, too, they mostly blush and giggle.

The second reason is social bans on sex.

social bans on sex and psychologysocial bans on sex and psychology

In the 21st century, society has already allowed women to build careers, work in hazardous industries, run for president, participate in the Olympics, but still do not allow women to want sex. Only prostitutes can want sex, and that’s because they make a living doing it. But without sex, one cannot pass the stage of the Mistress, which means one cannot reach the royal throne.

From a young age, girls are instilled with the message: “You must become a good housewife and a good mother.” All together it means to be good, recognized and accepted by society. Nobody wants to be excluded.

After all, since ancient times, all the priestesses of love were settled in separate territories, where the path for decent women was ordered. Only men could go there, and then secretly. It is fixed in the mind of the girl that wanting sex is something shameful. They can be engaged in order to conceive a child, or because men cannot do without it. Apparently, therefore, in our society, the verb “give” is so fixed in relation to having sex for a woman.

According to Freud’s theory, the female vagina frightens men, when they look at it, they experience the fear of absorption. I think that female girls are just as scared of their vaginas. She is a kind of symbol of what can change their life – to give them the opportunity to break away from their mother or get out of the image of a good girl.

Change is scary, so sexual desires are suppressed. Sex is elevated either to the rank of something shameful, with which you need to fight with all puritanical zeal, or something dirty and curious, which you can be interested in on the sly, like a teenager who watches porn secretly from his parents.

In fact, sex is an energy that gives both a man and a woman powerful charges for development. But how can one develop if one of the energy sources is blocked? Here, no blowjob techniques will help: if you don’t like sex, you don’t love a man and his most intimate member, then it will only be a highly technical “suction”. It is made by prostitutes.

Why is it impossible to become a Queen without a Mistress?

Stages of a woman's lifeStages of a woman's life

Because without a man, without a King, there are no Queens. There are queens dowagers, but before you lose a man, you must at least have one. And the man appears only at the stage of the Mistress. Because there is sex on it. It can appear in both the Princess and the Mistress. But it will not last long if they do not develop.

Men go through their own, masculine, initiation, and this can only be done with a woman who is developing.

Sex, in addition to the direct functions of pleasure and procreation, is the tool that governs the couple’s relationship. Of course, one cannot build relationships on good sex alone, but if there is good, energy-enriching sex, then it stimulates both to develop other areas of interaction. The taboo on sex allows you to neutralize the fear of condemnation and rejection by society, but also blocks the path of the energy of development.

Is it possible to undergo initiation into a woman if this was delayed for 10 years?

Yes, you certainly may. To do this, you first need to break away from your mother. It is to break away, and not to wait for her to let go herself. This can be compared to pregnancy and childbirth. Both mother and baby in her womb are in symbiosis, both of them feel good, comfortable and safe. But no pregnancy lasts longer than 9 months. Even if the mother does not want to give birth and let the child go into a huge frightening world, the child begins to push and tear out on his own. Once you have already traveled this path, you were born. Now your task is to be born again, only as a Woman.

You can undress and look at yourself in the mirror. Just not in search of wrinkles, cellulite and fat folds. And in order to imagine yourself as Botticelli’s Venus, which is born from sea foam.

Then you need to have sex with a man. Do not look for relationships, do not build a family, do not wait for love, but for starters, just give yourself to the man you like. Do not groan: “They all need only sex”, do not be indignant: “Sex on the first date is not comme il faut for a decent woman”, do not sigh: “Not a kiss without love.” And just give up. In the end, only you two will know about it. The world doesn’t have to tell you exactly what date you had sex on and with whom.

You will learn to build relationships with a man only after you build a relationship with yourself.

Without criticism, self-flagellation, reproaches, looking back at society or fear of my mother. The path to yourself is hard. But the result is worth the test.