If you rush to the rescue of everyone and put the interests of others above your own, then this material is for you.

There is a category of people who are always ready to help. A colleague asked me to make a report instead of him, you will postpone your plans and do everything. Your friend is constantly bombarding her with her problems, and instead of telling her no, you run and heroically solve them. Why is “rescue” harmful, said the reality psychologist “From the boy to the lady” (New Channel) Natalia Borisova.

Symptomy “rescuer”

  • You feel an irresistible desire to help everyone.
  • You are the first to rush to the aid of your colleagues, doing all the work for them.
  • You take on someone else’s fault, only to save the person from trouble.
  • Sacrifice your time, but try to solve someone else’s problem so that the person is not so sad.

Why not help yourself?

“Rescue” is not the help that you were asked for, but a service that you provide on your own initiative, regardless of whether the person needs it or not! This is a syndrome that interferes with life not only for you, but also for those around you. After all, by helping others, you are trying to compensate for what you did not receive as a child.

Yes, “rescue” comes from deep childhood. It manifests itself in adulthood, if, as a child, you were not heard by your parents, did not receive their attention. And so now you are focusing your overprotection on others.

Another reason for “rescue” lies in the desire to control everything and everywhere, to command and dominate others. After all, in fact, a person perceives his advice and help as a guide to action for others, and, therefore, “manages” them. However, this is an illusion that can turn into a real problem for all parties.

Remember, by “saving” others, you are destroying yourself, running away from the real problems that gnaw at you, and also creating helplessness in those you are trying to help!

Do not ignore the “rescue”, take care of yourself and, if necessary, contact a specialist. Thus, you can protect yourself and others from unforeseen consequences.

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