Beautiful, lush and healthy hair is the dream of many ladies. Meanwhile, in the process achieving such an ideal, the procedure for combing curls is underestimated. And improperly performed such a procedure can easily harm the hair. How to comb your hair correctly – told about 8 basic rules dermatologist, cosmetologist, trichologist Tatiana Egorova.

Question one: do I need to comb my hair before washing?

It is believed that this is necessary so that the hair does not get tangled during the washing process. However, Tatyana Egorova notes that this is not a fundamental point. “If the hair is very tangled, then it is possible, if not, then it is not necessary. In the process of washing, for the condition and health of the hair, it is more important that there is finger access to the roots – this will allow you to better rinse the scalp and hair roots, ”the specialist warns.

Question two: how to comb long hair correctly, there is an opinion that it should be done with your head down

It is necessary to comb them, as it is convenient. It is not necessary to tilt your head, but if it is convenient, then please. Here the main rule is that you can’t pull, tear your hair, a person should not experience pain in the process of combing, and you also need to make sure that there is no load on the roots. So the main rule is to act carefully, warns Tatiana Egorova.

Question three: is it necessary to comb the ends of the hair first, and then move on to the roots?

Yes, it is advisable to start from the tips, says trichologist Egorova. “And only then quietly and carefully move to the roots. If the hair is very tangled, you should first comb this place, and then go to the roots, ”the specialist warns.

Question Four: Do I need to comb my hair 100 times in the evening to improve their appearance?

There is a theory that if you go through each strand many times in the evening, the hair will become livelier, healthier and more shiny. “Absolutely not, it is a myth. It can be built on the fact that there is some kind of massage that you perform in the process of combing, plus if you use a massage brush. But he has nothing to do with reality and the real health of hair, ”says Tatyana Egorova.

Question five: do I need to wash the comb regularly, or is it optional?

If you do not wash your comb regularly, it will get dirty, which means that in the process of combing you will distribute dirt on your hair. After all, sebum, hair flakes, and just dust accumulate on the brush. There is no need to talk about any hair health, the specialist notes.

However, it is also important to understand that the comb must be washed properly. It will not be enough to rinse it under water. “If this is a plastic comb, then we use soapy water to wash it, and also connect an old toothbrush. In the process of washing, we carefully process each clove. The same scheme of actions is also relevant for washing massages. Then we dry it, and you can safely use it further, ”explains Tatiana Egorova. A soapy solution is also used to process brushes with natural bristles.

Question six: if a tangle appears on the head that does not comb, what to do with it

If such a serious tangle appears, you should definitely apply a little balm or conditioner to it, and only then you can gently comb it and unravel it, the doctor recommends.

“If your hair is prone to tangles, be sure to use a conditioner during shampooing. And if such a problem arose, then it is worth visiting a doctor to find out what is the reason. You can also go to the salon, where they will make a hair filler or apply other compounds to solve the problem. This situation often occurs with excessive highlighting of the hair, when the hair is simply burned through with lightening compounds, ”notes Tatiana Egorova.

Question seven: how to properly comb oily hair so that after washing it no longer hangs with “icicles”

Oily hair should be combed with special combs that do not produce static electricity. They can be easily found in any professional cosmetics and tools store. “In addition, it is worth reconsidering your habits and try not to touch your hair with your hands, do not wind it with your fingers and do not rub it constantly,” says the specialist.

Question eight: what combs can not be used in principle

In general, you can use any comb, says Tatiana Egorova. The only thing is that you need to be careful with wooden options. “After all, during operation they can crack, notches appear on the cloves. It is here that hair will constantly clog and tear. So if your wooden comb is already old, you should change it to a new one to prevent damage to the curls, ”emphasizes Tatiana Egorova.

In order for the hair to be healthy and please you, it is important to remember that, like many other things in our body, they love care and careful attitude – do not be too zealous in the process of combing, pulling and tearing the strands. Give your hair a little more time, and then they will delight you with a healthy shine and look.

There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist