Is it possible to find your handsome prince on Tinder, or can you only meet a gentleman who knows perversions? We’ll demystify this tricky business and tell you how to get the perfect Tinder date by hacking the system!

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With the help of Tinder, you can find the perfect partner: you just pick up your phone, download the application, fill out your profile, generously sprinkle it with your cute photos and start looking for a candidate to steal your heart.

However, everything is not so simple. Despite the outward simplicity, Tinder can cause many problems in your life, disappoint you and even… kill you. Literally, judging by the news about crimes related to this service. But knowing the enemy by face, and also having all the information, you will be able to go on a fun date and possibly find “the one”. Who knows?

Why use Tinder?

Even the Internet was originally created for people to develop and share interesting information, and here we are, on our lunch break, browsing the hottest parrot memes of the last thousand years, instead of chatting with friends. Mainly because they also watch the same memes, creating a vicious cycle of funny pictures.

Tinder is exactly the same, only worse. Usually, users of any dating site can be divided into those who:

  • looking for one-time sex;
  • are looking for a possible partner for an unpretentious relationship;
  • looking for a future husband or wife;
  • looking for easy money;
  • looking for a potential victim.

And there are journalists who write articles about Tinder, but this is almost a dying breed. So, at this stage you have to decide for yourself what you are looking for in Tinder. As sad as it may sound, most users of this service are looking for a one-time sexual partner, so if you’re out there looking for a handsome prince, it’s worth cooling down a bit and scrolling through some bird memes.

The first conclusion: you need to know what you want.

It’s like going to a store: if you know exactly what you want, have made a wish list, it’s much easier to make a choice. And in big cities, the choice in Tinder is simply huge.

And here the problems begin.

How dangerous is Tinder?

Many users use Tinder in a completely different way than the developers would like. Sending intimate photos of yourself is the easiest manifestation of human dishonesty. The dangers here, as with all of the internet, are quite frankly, and we’re not talking about criminally boring dating.

Who lives in Tinder, in addition to ordinary users:

  • exhibitionists;
  • swindler;
  • maniacs

Everything is clear with the first ones, they usually say hello by sending completely random girls their genitalia and that’s where communication with them usually ends. But the other two are more complicated types.

date from tinderdate from tinder

Aferisti y Tinderi

What are scammers looking for? Of course, a gullible young lady whose pockets can be easily cleaned. A scammer can act according to any scheme that his mind is capable of: take you to a restaurant and run away, dumping a huge bill on you, cheat you of valuables, or simply grab your purse and run away in an unknown direction.

That is why you should always follow the safety rules:

  • don’t put your things in anyone’s hands on the first date and don’t be afraid to seem greedy: your property is inviolable if you want it;
  • do not withdraw money for a new acquaintance;
  • do not take anything valuable with you and do not wear expensive jewelry;
  • do not allow yourself to be escorted to the door of the apartment and do not reveal your address;
  • critically perceive every word of a new acquaintance and hang on to it.

Scammers cheat because people want to be cheated, so don’t let yourself get caught on a first date and let your guard down.

Maniacs, rapists and murderers from Tinder

Dating services have only made it easier for all kinds of scary people who can really hurt you. There are more and more reports that after meeting on social networks or Tinder, a person was found dead, badly beaten, raped, or not found at all, so you should not forget about your own safety for a second.

How not to become a victim of a maniac in Tinder:

  • acquaintance should be held in a crowded place and not leave there;
  • if a person seems strange to you (even for a second), do not hesitate to ask for help from others;
  • do not eat or drink anything from the hands of a stranger;
  • watch your drink;
  • the best thing is to prepare exit routes.

The second conclusion: The Internet is full of maniacs and scammers, so with Tinder you have to keep your eyes open and don’t let noodles hang over your ears. This is for your own safety.

date from tinderdate from tinder

How to have a great time on a Tinder date?

It would be dishonest to say “no way”. It’s actually possible to have fun on a Tinder date, and we can give you some basic points to consider when choosing a location and companion.

  • Ask the guy about everything that interests you. Growth is exciting – see what kind of growth it is. Ask what he does, what hobbies he has, and so on.
  • Prepare escape routes in case the guy turns out not to be who he pretended to be in the correspondence.
  • Arrange a meeting in a crowded place: cafe, restaurant.
  • Spend time safely: don’t tell too much about yourself, don’t agree to go or go to some secluded place or home to a new acquaintance.
  • Don’t expect much. If you want to find a man on the first date, so that he does not drink, does not smoke, is richer than Bill Gates, for free without SMS and registration, then it is better not to look for him in Tinder.
  • If you don’t like the guy, you don’t have to reply to his messages, even out of politeness. Just as he may not respond to your messages if he did not like you.

The fourth conclusion: Tinder is an application for easy and unobtrusive dating, not a marriage agency. This must be understood. If you don’t take all this seriously, you will definitely have a great time or even make new interesting acquaintances.

Have you used Tinder to find a companion for the evening or a company for the evening? Tell us about your successful or not so successful dates in the comments!

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