Intimate toys are a sure way to diversify your love life. With proper cleaning before and after each love game, sex toys can be in good condition for a long time and bring pleasure to a couple in love.

how to use sex toyshow to use sex toys

The spark fades, and you no longer want intimacy as much as before? A small gadget for bed games can rekindle desire again!

Therefore, it is very important to monitor their condition.

Toys for adults: how to use

These little tips will help you not to spoil your intimate life with misused gadgets.

Buy the right lubricant

Lubricant, or lubricant, is the most necessary thing for intimate toys. Do not use silicone or oily products with silicone devices. Otherwise, the surface of such a toy will become sticky, and then damaged. After the end of the bed battles, my “weapon” is sure to.

Use condoms with porous toys

Some sex gadgets made of porous materials cannot be completely disinfected by any wash. Therefore, in the event that you and your lover use the same thing together, put a condom on it.

Check the condition of toys with batteries

Everything that glows, buzzes or vibrates must be reliably protected from water. And if the cover that closes the battery compartment is missing, or the material is slightly damaged anywhere, you will have to get the electrical elements and no longer use the vibrator in the shower.

how to use a vibratorhow to use a vibrator

How to store intimate toys

Find a secluded place where no one will stumble upon your “treasures”. It’s a good idea to have a special box in which you can hide adult toys and put it under the bed. Cover it with a lid beforehand – so that dust does not get inside and does not stain the contents.

wrap in fabric

Soft fabrics or fabric bags, cases, cosmetic bags are ideal for storing sex toys. It’s good if a special case comes with the device. But toys cannot be wrapped in cling film for greater safety. Just like putting it in a plastic bag.

Get the batteries

For all battery-powered toys, there is an important rule: if they are not in use, remove the batteries. They can corrode and leak inside the toy. And the substances used to create batteries are toxic. In addition, being in contact with the elements of the vibrators, they constantly give a very low current. Therefore, they sit down even when the intimate device is turned off.

How to wash intimate toys

Of course, each such toy needs special care. After all, this item is in contact with intimate areas, in addition, its use should cause only positive emotions.

How to wash or clean sex toys?

First of all, we remind you: many products of this kind are accompanied by instructions for use and care. Therefore, after purchase, carefully inspect the packaging for such indications.

1. Wash toys after each use

This is golden rule number one. Even if you use them alone and do not “share” with a partner.

“Tools” that are washed after a love game “live” longer. If you do not do this, the material from which they are made may be damaged or discolored. And if you store an unwashed device along with other sex toys, this can contribute to the growth of bacteria.

2. For greater safety, clean them and “before”

Even if you store your toys in a dark, secluded, and clean place, that doesn’t mean they aren’t protected from dust, hair, or bacteria.

And if you do not clean them before use, enjoyment can turn into serious trouble. Everything that has accumulated on the surface will enter your body.

how to wash a vibratorhow to wash a vibrator

3. Choose the right soap

Experts advise using a mild, fragrance-free soap or dishwashing detergent. But it is better not to take antibacterial agents. The fact is that they can get on delicate tissues and destroy the microflora that exists inside the genital organs.

For the convenience of cleaning intimate toys, adult stores sell special spray cleaners. Their advantage is that you do not need to carry intimate things to “wash” in the bathroom. It is enough to sprinkle them with a special agent and wipe with a clean cloth – a handkerchief or towel.

4. Be careful with batteries!

Many sex toys for women contain batteries.

You have to be careful with these devices. Do not immerse vibrators in water, but wipe with a warm, damp cloth.

5. Start from the material.

Sex toys are made from a mind-bogglingly wide range of substances. We are interested in their porous and non-porous varieties.

Toys made from non-porous materials are safer – and can even be safely shared with other people. These are glass, silicone, stainless steel and ceramics.

How to wash:

  • Silicone – Wash with soap and water. You can also immerse in boiling water for 10 minutes to disinfect
  • Glass – Water and soap will help get rid of the infection. Do not expose to high temperatures
  • Ceramics (Pyrex) – clean by hand with soap and water or boil
  • Stainless steel – boil for 10 minutes, immerse in water with whiteness (then be sure to rinse very well)
  • porous toys – those that were created using hard plastic, cyberskin, elastomer, rubber, nylon and neoprene, vinyl and leather. Such materials are absorbent, that is, they are able to absorb moisture.

Porous materials are sensitive to high materials and mechanical damage. Therefore, wash such toys with warm water and soap. You can use a soft cloth dampened with soapy water to gently wipe these devices.

You can find out what material this or that gadget is made of on the packaging. If you threw away the box, take a look at the manufacturer’s website – there should also be similar information.