Attraction to a person is quite a measurable value. It rarely happens that from sympathy for a man you light up like a Christmas tree. But if this moment has come, it is impossible to do without thoughtful actions.

what not to do on a datewhat not to do on a date

What should never be done

To begin with, let’s decide what exactly you can’t do on a first date:

  • Overdo it with appearance. No need for some pompous hairstyles and outfits like for a ball at Her Majesty’s. Pay special attention to spirits. Do not cover yourself in perfume from head to toe. Also, do not wear heavy makeup, as this will immediately show that you prepared terribly for a date and are going to impress him in every possible way.
  • Don’t listen, don’t care. Being an active conversationalist is great.
  • Forget about etiquette and punctuality. It is believed that the girl should be a little late, but in fact no one likes to wait. The guy might just think that you decided not to come.
  • Drink, retire, go to his house. The first date is mainly to get to know each other. If you want to build a relationship, not a fleeting romance.

Expert Tip: How to make a date memorable

From the first date, we expect the relationship to continue. But often we spoil the impression about ourselves, we say too much or too little. To make your date successful, take care of it in advance. Psychologist, sexologist reality “Ex” (New Channel) Natalya Ezhova shares the rules that will help make the meeting unforgettable.

“Remember that dating is the most important part of any relationship,” says the psychologist. – Perfect dates do not exist, because ideal is not real. What can help you make a great meeting?

  • Think about the format of the date in advance. Will you walk in the park or chat in a cozy restaurant? Or maybe you should come up with some kind of general activity?
  • Nice smell. Choose the right perfume and choose a date with a pleasant smell.
  • A beautiful picture affects perception. Therefore, wear nice and neat clothes.
  • Music. Choose an institution where pleasant music will sound, this will improve your mood.
  • The restaurant should be with tasty and high-quality food.
  • Prepare a few topics. The conversation should be unobtrusive. There must be a dialogue.
  • Cleanliness and neatness. Iron your clothes and clean your shoes.
  • Create a playful mood. Pick up some funny videos or programs that both of you will be interested in.
  • Touch. A hug or a touch on the hands will leave pleasant goosebumps.
  • Add your magic “ingredient” and go on a date.

Mission: first date

And now it’s time to find out what to do before the first date, about the best tricks that will make it fabulous!

Impeccable appearance

Whatever happens, if you look chic, there is a chance that he will not notice anything else (neither your excitement, nor the ravioli that, like gusts of wind, break off your fork towards the floor). The main thing is not to overdo it. Choose an image that fits into the surroundings. After all, if you go to a simple bar on Podol, and you will be in a silver party dress from Yves Saint Lauren, it will be very strange. Only I can appreciate it if I sit next to the bar. Pretentiousness is good on special occasions. The little black dress is the best. An additional bonus, if you want to continue the evening at the club, you will be in the subject there too.

Location selection

Unless the young man himself has taken care to pick up some special institution, feel free to take the initiative into your own hands. Guys don’t really like to fill their heads with such trifles. They go to some 3 bars, moreover, in one evening, and they don’t know grief. But do you like variety? And you often don’t experiment with friends either, especially if the company is large and you have a permanent assemblage point.

So think about where you have long wanted to go and give preference to a place where he might also like it. You will diversify not only your leisure time, but also his. And the fact that you bring something interesting into his life, he definitely will not disregard. Moreover, there will already be at least one thing that unites you – a discussion of the interior, cuisine, and drinks you like.

what to do on a first datewhat to do on a first date

Listening is better than talking

If you went on a date, you do not need to think about what to say or in what light to appear. People, even if they do not understand, in any case, feel insincerity. Concentrate on the fact that you really like this guy and it will be interesting to get to know him better. Main Rule

Do not ask questions for which you are not ready or do not want to hear the answers.

What those questions are, you decide. It’s always important to scan your words before they get stuck in awkward silence, whether you’re on a date, or at work, or even at the grocery store.

Share interesting and enjoyable

You never know what topics for discussion a new person in your life will throw at you. Therefore, you need to be careful not to miss anything. And if you like his style and way of thinking, most likely the music and films that he loves will also be to your taste. A first date can be rewarding even if it doesn’t end with a wedding march. In addition to intellectual and aesthetic pleasure, you can agree to taste each other’s dishes and cocktails, the sensuality is vast. Not only can it be sexy (as in the movie “9 and a half weeks”, when he did not take his eyes off her lips, fed her with a spoon), but also unifies. After all, there are so many cool places open now. Where any cocktail is a work of art that can be discussed for hours by the whole institution, including the staff.

first datefirst date

Think it over after the date

Remember if you have experienced discomfort for any reason. This is very important, because if left unattended, it will accumulate over time and ruin your communication. Another option is that this discomfort is generally irreparable, and in some matter you fundamentally do not want to see such a man next to you.

For example, if he was rude to the staff, but at the same time, was indescribably nice to you, you may be dealing with a pretentious hypocrite, or a psychopath with bipolar disorder.

If, on the contrary, you allowed something wrong, understand why and correct it. In any case, you need to take stock so that, starting from them, you do not repeat your mistakes. But don’t get hung up on reasoning and memories, or on the guy in particular. Life is diverse and there are much more pleasures in it than one evening spent alone with him.

Format of further communication

It is absolutely not necessary to continue communication in a romantic way, if you have never “had skipped a beat” for the whole evening. As Faina Ranevskaya said

You can not understand in any way whether you like a young man? Spend an evening with him. Returning home – undress. Throw your underpants up to the ceiling. stuck? So you like it.

If you still skip a beat, do not be afraid to show your sympathy. Of course, you don’t need to throw underpants, especially at him, but a simple sincere compliment to a man will obviously be pleasant. Moreover, in our days this elementary practice is routinely pushed into incomprehensible distances.

However, do not forget that relationships are mutual and voluntary, so you can only decide for yourself what you want from a person and approximately how to achieve this. His decision is 50% of your success. It’s just that even if he doesn’t want a relationship, what is a relationship? You like a person, you want to be with him, you don’t want to break and gut him, then just be. You, after all, no one forbids you to treat him the way you want. And feedback is another matter, oddly enough – optional.

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