1. Try to sort things out less often

Daily squabbles about and without, of course, an alarming bell. But being afraid to tell your soulmate that you don’t like it, just so as not to harm the relationship, is not better. If you do not talk about problems in a timely manner, but hide resentment in yourself, sooner or later they will still spill out.

In general, if a friend boasts that there has not been a single quarrel in her relationship with a man for a year, most likely, one of them simply does not say anything, and whether there will be more.

2. Wait for the man to make the first move.

You can wait if you are sure that this step will be taken. Well, or if you are ready to grow old surrounded by 40 cats. And you can not wait, take the initiative and find happiness.

3. Be aware of everything that happens in the life of a partner

You constantly check his or her phone when a message arrives, read personal mail and know passwords for social networks. That is, do not leave a person personal space at all. At best, they will begin to hide and hide from you more and more carefully: even if there is nothing criminal, the partner simply does not want to be strangled by your control. At worst, they just run away.

Trust is the foundation of strong relationships. Everyone needs air, including you, think about it.

4. Lower the bar or you’ll be alone

Of course, the prince on a white horse can never be expected. But living with just anyone for the sake of the very fact of a relationship is a strange decision for an adult. You are unlikely to be happy with someone who does not clean up dirty dishes, washes once a week and forgets to flush the toilet if “pedant to the marrow” is about you.

5. Make your partner jealous

The less feelings we show towards a partner, the more he will be interested. This is partly true, but it does not always bring benefit.

Jennin Estes

Family therapist.

The longer you hide your true feelings, the more distance you create between you and your partner and provoke him into conflict.

The family therapist is sure that the partner will worry in vain and think whether you really need him.

6. Always tell the truth

According to psychotherapist, telling the truth is obligatory if it is really serious and important. But sometimes tact must prevail.

Joseph Burgo

Psychotherapist, author of the book Beware the Narcissist!

There is a difference between gross deceit and lying for the good, in order to save a loved one from unnecessary experiences and not hurt his feelings. Sometimes it’s better to be tactful than completely honest.

7. Deprive your partner of sex as punishment.

Few people like manipulators. And sex is a natural part of a healthy relationship. This is about the same as refusing a partner a meal or a glass of water. Or forbid him to go to the toilet. Sounds wild, doesn’t it?

8. Have sex every day / don’t have sex every day

Just have sex when you want it. Sexual needs are individual, you need to come to harmony with your soul mate, and not blindly follow the advice. But if you feel that your intimate life has suddenly gone downhill, talk to your loved one or consult a specialist.

9. Don’t go to bed without making up

Popular advice that seems to be very correct. But some psychotherapists with him do not agree.

Cheryl Sexton

Psychotherapist, specialist in working with families and couples.

This is one of the most common and most damaging relationship advice.

Sometimes a person needs time to move away. Immediately after a quarrel, the partner is heated and emotional. Without wanting to, he can say hurtful things.

10. Give a second chance

And then – the third, fourth, fifth, to live life with someone who does not put you in anything. Being able to forgive is an art, and it’s not bad at all. But be prepared for the possible consequences.

11. Look for a partner who will love you more than you love him.

You will be the best thing that happened to him or her, but your coldness will one day make itself felt. No need to be afraid and look for someone who will never leave you. ‘Never’ can really let you down and become just a long-term ‘someday’. Just be with the one you love and who loves you. But don’t skimp on it.

12. Get married and have a baby, it will save the relationship

Very strange advice, which, among other things, can lead to serious consequences. Family planning should not be a solution to a problem. Family is a new stage of strong and healthy adult relationships.

13. Change to suit your partner

It’s great if the relationship is good and you get better every day. But adjusting to another person, cheating on yourself and pretending to be someone else is completely different. Firstly, no one will be happier from this. Secondly, you can earn a mental breakdown. Do you need it?

14. Don’t move in before the wedding

And let everyday problems be a pleasant surprise for you!

15. Don’t admit you’re wrong so you don’t look weak.

Even if you really made a mistake. Seriously, do you think this works? Admitting one’s guilt is not a sign of weakness.

You and only you are responsible for your actions. It’s great if you can admit your mistakes. The partner should appreciate this quality.