Winter is not far off. And behind her, she usually carries a lowered mood, a desire to hide under the covers, an increased appetite and a desire to somehow survive all this before the summer. Experts note that the first thing you should pay attention to in order to survive the winter vigorously is immunity. And there are a number of techniques that will allow, in addition to a diet and a properly built daily routine, to strengthen it. What kind – told business psychologist, system organizational consultant, member of the expert council of the Transpersonal Psychology Department of the Academy of Social Technologies Eduard Grabar.

Recommendation one – take a course of massage

“Medium and high intensity massage increases the number and activity of the “killer cells” of our immune system and reduces the level of cortisol, which, being a stress hormone, redirects the body’s forces from immune functions to an extreme mode of functioning,” says Eduard Grabar.

In addition, massage gives positive emotions, improves mood. And it is also a classic remedy for both the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases.

Recommendation two – walk more in the fresh air

Parks in the city, forest, nature trips – any option will do. “It’s not just about moderate exercise from walking. Beautiful natural views not only deliver aesthetic pleasure, but also have a much more beneficial effect. Studies of the recovery process of patients showed that those who saw the natural landscape from the windows of their ward recovered faster and needed fewer painkillers, ”explains the specialist.

Recommendation three – hug your loved one more often

Hugs and touches, the so-called tactile and body contact, on a regular basis also help to strengthen the immune system – they increase the activity of the immune system’s T-cells.

Recommendation four – find reasons for fun and laughter more often

“Such an experiment was carried out – people were informed that they would need to suffer a small electric shock (within reason, of course). Then, after this message, the level of cortisol, the main suppressor of immunity, was measured. At the same time, one part of the subjects was shown a funny movie, while the other part was not. After watching the movie, a few hours later, the cortisol levels of those who had fun were normal, while the “serious group” still showed elevated levels. So laughter really heals,” emphasizes Eduard Grabar.

Tip #5: Sleep well

“Sleep at least 7 hours and try to fall asleep before midnight. Our body and the brain as part of it enhance the recovery processes during sleep. 7-8-hour sleep does more for your immunity than the most expensive vitamin complexes, ”advises the expert.

And as proof – long-sleeping animals – for example, lemurs and sloths (12 hours of sleep) are much more resistant to infections than guinea pigs (6.5 hours of sleep).

Recommendation six – pay attention to breathing exercises

The advice to meditate and do breathing exercises has certain reasons. “All kinds of breathing meditation practices lasting about 45 minutes reduce the number of immune-suppressing T-suppressors and increase the number of antibodies to viruses. As a bonus, you get a decrease in cortisol, ”Eduard Grabar notes.

Recommendation seven – start physical training

Physical activity should be present in a person’s life from half an hour daily, the specialist advises. People who run or walk fast every day increase the activity of lymphocytes and phagocytes, which help fight infections, notes Eduard Grabar.

Additional assistants can be the right nutraceuticals, as well as a balanced diet, which is selected individually and suits each individual person. They will help support the body in the cold. On the issue of selecting and compiling a menu, it is worth consulting with a specialized specialist – a nutritionist, nutritionist or immunologist, summed up Eduard Grabar.