Why do panic attacks literally start on Sunday at the thought of the upcoming working week, there are episodes of almost depressive disorders, and because of which the term “Sunday fears” even appeared, told family psychologist Olga Romaniv.

It is no secret that a fairly large number of people on planet Earth do not experience much pleasure from what and how they make a living. But, unfortunately, not everyone has a chance for a good inheritance or help from wealthy relatives, so they have to work to pay their bills, buy food and clothes, afford vacation 1-2 times a year and other pleasant little things.

“It is natural that for such people the working week of 5 days lasts endlessly – they look forward to the weekend when they can not think about their work responsibilities, relax, do pleasant or not very household chores, go to the cinema, visit, beauty salon for manicure and coloring, visit a beautician. In general, enjoy life and go about your business, enjoying life, ”says Romaniv.

Unfortunately, the psychologist notes, this pleasure is strictly limited in time, because somewhere in the afternoon on Sunday (for some, a little closer to evening), the realization comes that tomorrow is Monday, and it is a working day. “From these thoughts, the heart begins to beat in a more rapid mode, unpleasantly sucks in the pit of the stomach, and, in principle, it becomes sad, since the weekend has once again flown by unnoticed,” the specialist explains.

A large number of people do experience anxiety on Sunday evenings, which can be compared with the feeling of the end of the holidays and the need to return to school tomorrow without fail. Adults experience longing, stress, which can be caused by completely different reasons – starting with the fact that they are not doing their own thing, from which they do not enjoy, ending with the fact that there are some difficulties with communication in a team, with superiors, and others. factors, warns Olga Romaniv.

How to be?

“Of course, ideally, you need to work where you feel good, like it, there is an opportunity for self-realization, career growth and high earnings. Plus, people are all as one enthusiastic, kind, sensitive, gentle, and the boss is literally a father or a second mother. But, it’s hard to disagree here, there is little ideal in life – everywhere there are difficulties. At the same time, we need to understand that we just exist in order to make any difficulties more or less acceptable and comfortable for us, that is, if we cannot change the situation, it is necessary to change our attitude towards it, ”notes Romaniv.

Analyze what your job gives you: for sure, this is a certain financial stability that you cannot refuse at the moment. If work is an inevitability, is it worth it every time to get upset on Sundays that tomorrow is Monday. After all, in this way you yourself bring yourself to a state of emotional burnout. Accept the fact that now you can’t change anything, and stop being nervous about it, the psychologist advises.

“Certainly, the best option is to think about changing jobs or starting your own business. But this can be a long process in both cases, so while you are mentally formulating tasks for the future, it is not worth wasting energy. Concentrate on what is more important to you now and move in that direction, and treat work as an inevitable stage of your growth. This stage should not cause anxiety, it is also worth looking at it in the future. After all, it will end and another will come, ”concludes Olga Romaniv.

There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist