More natural “antidepressants” should be added to the diet to cope with stress, nutritionist Elena Sviridova told RT.

In particular, chamomile tea is suitable for drinks, the plant can reduce symptoms of depression and help with anxiety disorders.

Chocolate also increases serotonin levels, improves brain function and helps to cope with anxiety. In this case, not only dark, but also milk chocolate is useful.

In addition, the expert recalled bananas, since the potassium and magnesium contained in them improve the body’s resistance to stress.

The nutritionist also advised including avocados in your diet, as it not only saturates quickly, but also has an anti-stress effect.

Earlier, nutritionist Jolanta Langauer said that eating foods rich in proteins and fats for breakfast will help to avoid overeating after a lack of sleep.

The doctor explained that the hormone ghrelin is responsible for the feeling of hunger, which begins to be produced in large volumes with insufficient sleep.