One of the most urgent medical problems of our time is cognitive health disorders. What it is? Doctors and psychologists define the concept of cognition (from the Latin word cognition) as knowledge, study, awareness.

What is the boss’s name?

In the broad sense of the word, cognition is the ability to perceive and process external information by the brain. Cognitive health refers to the ability to think clearly, learn new things, and remember what you have learned.

Unfortunately, as with health in general, people have problems with cognitive health. Almost everyone knows about them from their own experience. We admit to ourselves honestly: well, who at least once in their life did not forget, when leaving home, turn off the iron or stove? Or, even if he turned it off, until the evening he was tormented by the question of whether he had actually done it. What about the smartphone you forgot before going to work? And the plot of your favorite movie that flew out of your head? Or, worse, the name and patronymic of the boss. In short, a syndrome described with medical accuracy by a county doctor Anton Chekhov in the classic story “The Horse Name”. By the way, does everyone remember her? Not? Yes, calm down, with whom it does not happen. The surname was Ovsov.

It’s all about life

The problem, as often happens, is 80% in the plane of lifestyle, and 20% in the field of pharmacology. To maintain cognitive health, it is necessary to control chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and depression. If these are not observed, it is better to stop smoking and excessive consumption of strong drinks. About the latter, people have long and correctly said: “I drank my brains away.” Pretty accurate definition of cognitive impairment of the alcohol circle.

Finally, there are a number of tips from the area, as they say, “it is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick.” It’s trite, these recommendations are known to everyone, but when it comes to following them … It’s good to eat healthy diets and not eat fatty, sweet and salty foods. It’s good to get regular sleep. It would be nice to live without stress, but who will give us? It would be nice to maintain at least minimal physical activity. Walking and swimming will do if you can’t bring yourself to run and exercise.

By the way, not only the muscles of the body, but also the “muscles of the head” should be loaded. It would also be good to support intellectual, mental activity. Learning foreign languages ​​is ideal for training memory and cognitive abilities. Grammar teaches you to think, vocabulary teaches you to remember. In addition to the direct benefits for cognitive health, it can be useful for writing a resume.

Languages ​​are not given – learn the poems of your favorite poets. Firstly, it is good for the head, and secondly, women most often like it. Finally, if you, like Standartenführer Stirlitz, have an idiosyncrasy (allergy) to rhyme, solve crossword puzzles! The most important thing to remember is that now the nerve cells are being restored.


“Where are my head pills? – asked one babysitter in a cartoon known since childhood. No, for the head. By the way, this was said at the moment of the strongest cognitive dissonance. All her life she believed that people did not fly, until she saw a man with a propeller between his shoulder blades. For a better perception of reality, she really could use some pills.

Modern science is looking for ways to support cognitive health and memory.

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