If earlier girls aged 25+ fought for beauty with the help of patches, masks and simple procedures in the beautician’s office, today they are ready to use aggressive peels, Botox, threads and other “heavy artillery”. What not to do with your face if you have young skin, says cosmetologist, plastic surgeon Nadezhda Petrash.

Young is how much?

What age is considered young? According to the WHO classification, people from 18 to 44 years old fall into this category. In everyday life, patients under 30 are considered young.

However, I note that the first age-related changes – an active decrease in the level of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin – we can observe already after 25 years. Also, there is a gradual decrease in metabolic processes in the skin and this, as you understand, does not add beauty to us.


Age is a relative indication and contraindication for procedures. The main criterion is still the presence of certain changes on the face. For example, a procedure such as botulinum therapy is used if there are mimic wrinkles, after 18 years of age according to the instructions. But the multiplicity and dosage of the active substance is usually lower than after 35.

After 25, you can use hyaluronic acid and peels with a low concentration of active substances (1.8% on average). It is better if the latter are more superficial, based on fruit acids. But preparations with retinol are still recommended at an older age. Young people are often advised therapeutic peels.

Lifting procedures begin to be applied after 30 years. And here in the forefront there will be a thread lifting. At a young age, threads are used in rare cases for the purpose of beautification and in the presence of anatomical defects that violate aesthetic harmony (to eliminate asymmetry). In this case, absorbable threads are not used, since a capsule is formed around them, they remain for life. But the patient may require subsequent corrections, then the threads that will accumulate will have to be removed surgically. This is a risk of injuring the skin and resulting in a scar. Not indicated for young patients and SMAS-lifting (SMAS-lifting).

It is still better to move contouring and the same lip correction with fillers to the future, since no one has canceled tissue fibrosis, and a person has many years ahead when hormonal changes and aging processes occur.

Laser skin resurfacing is also undesirable. If you want to do it, there must be indications for the procedure. Also, do not prematurely resort to plastic surgery.

Separately, I will say about breast augmentation, which is popular with girls. Firstly, the patient may need actual breast correction with age. Secondly, it is recommended to change implants after 10 years. This will be considered a repeat operation. They are always more traumatic and difficult.

What is possible?

Of course, I am unlikely to surprise anyone by saying that skin care procedures and various types of massage techniques are ideal for young skin. Nevertheless, this is worth remembering.

Since collagen-containing preparations, preparations based on calcium hydroxyapatite or polylactic acid are not indicated at a young age, therapeutic injection procedures, such as mesotherapy or plasmolifting, are performed if necessary. They help to deal with existing problems. It happens that after acne suffered in adolescence, traces remain on the face – the so-called manifestation of post-acne, in order to minimize them, mesotherapeutic cocktails are used.

Plasmolifting helps to improve the protective functions of the skin, strengthen local immunity, reduce the amount of sebum released – at the age of up to 25 years, this problem is still relevant, and also fights inflammation. At the same time, plasmolifting can also be used for dry, irritable skin, as it helps to moisturize it and helps relieve hypersensitivity.

As a specialist, I am for a natural face, careful, deliberate application of the achievements of cosmetology at a young age. It is quite enough to have a proper lifestyle, adherence to sleep and wakefulness, daily home care. You should always think that you have many years ahead and the moment will come when it will be really necessary to apply all the achievements of anti-aging medicine and cosmetology. You don’t have to do it ahead of time.

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