In the program “Live healthy!” doctors talked about how you can prevent hearing loss. Doctors noted: a number of studies have shown that if we lose hearing, then intelligence also disappears. “When British scientists compiled a table, what percentage of certain disorders leads to dementia, it turned out that hearing loss comes first,” said cardiologist German Gandelman. What can affect the ability to hear?


Doctors put antibiotics first. There are a number of drugs that have an ototoxic effect. They can destroy the hairs in the inner ear and cause hearing loss. Among them are streptomycin preparations. You can take these only under the supervision of a doctor and only one who can tell the patient before the start of therapy how he is going to control a person’s hearing. It is important to understand that it is not always possible to avoid treatment with such means, so you will have to carefully monitor your condition during the reception. If possible, it is worth choosing other drugs of the antibacterial group, which do not differ in ototoxic effect, the doctors advised.


Doctors have noticed that industrial noise affects hearing, but it has become a drop in the ocean against the widespread use of headphones. Those who listen to music loudly run the risk of going deaf pretty quickly. The noise that comes from the headphones affects the hairs and destroys the bonds between them.

Elena Malysheva emphasized that it is possible to become deaf in a short period of time, so it is a mistake to think that you can walk for years with headphones and loud music in them and only then feel worse.

“The sound enters the external auditory tube, strikes the eardrum. Since sound is a wave, the membrane begins to vibrate. Three bones are attached to it on the other side: the hammer, anvil and stirrup. Vibrations from the membrane are transmitted to these bones, the last of which enters the window where fluid flows through the cochlea, inside the cochlea there are auditory hairs. These are nerve endings that are connected in bundles and combined into the auditory nerve. Hairs from too intense and loud music can be destroyed,” said Elena Malysheva, the mechanism of hearing loss. Moreover, doctors called such losses irreversible, that is, having become deaf, a person can no longer do anything about it.


Another cause of deafness can be a cardiological pathology – atherosclerosis. “Vessels feed the nerve tissues, if the blood does not pass well, then the nerve tissues wear out and die,” Herman Gandelman explained.

Experts advised to pay attention to symptoms such as tinnitus and problems with speech intelligibility. People with atherosclerosis may have difficulty understanding words if, for example, someone speaks quickly on TV.

Viral infections

Hearing is also affected by various viral infections. So, for example, rubella was called one of the most dangerous. If a pregnant woman becomes ill with it, then she risks giving birth to a deaf child. Therefore, for prevention at the stage of pregnancy planning, it is worth making an appropriate vaccination.

Also, children can become deaf if they also suffer other infections in childhood – hearing loss will become a complication. Elena Malysheva recommended that in order to avoid such an effect, timely vaccination against mumps, measles, chickenpox.

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