Some people wear black glasses that do not protect from the sun but hide eye problems, others choose gloves indoors, and still others use baggy and long clothes to hide leg problems. What diseases can hide clothes and accessories?

Black glasses

Under tinted glasses outside the summer period, people can hide problems with their eyes – when they are red, dry. It happens that the situation is so complicated that without glasses it is a shame to appear in front of people.

Ophthalmologist Mikhail Konovalov and Elena Malysheva noted that this is a dry eye syndrome. The disease is frequent and complex. “This is a problem associated with the amount of tears, with the fact that it evaporates faster, the composition of the tears changes with age, and the pathology is also associated with the fact that those glands that are in the eyelid and produce fat suffer. Because the eye should be covered with a tear film that protects both the cornea and the conjunctiva, then the eye does not turn red, ”Mikhail Konovalov explained.

To assess the amount of tears produced, doctors do the Schirmer test. You can make it yourself – the blank is sold in pharmacies. In fact, it is a small thin strip of blotting paper lined in centimeters. It should be fixed in the conjunctival cavity (bottom of the eye) and left for 5 minutes. Ideally, 15 mm of tears should accumulate during this time.

If, according to the results of the study, there are not enough tears, the eyes are red and tired all the time, then it is worth using special moisturizers – they are also known as “artificial tears”. They make up for the lack of natural fluid, create the necessary film, the symptoms disappear, explained the ophthalmologist Konovalov.


If a woman uses fishnet gloves indoors, constantly hiding her hands, doctors may suspect she has rheumatoid arthritis, which leads to gross deformities of the joints.

With such a pathology, immunologist Andrei Prodeus, joints suffer, including small ones, as well as cartilage – they are all affected by inflammation. This happens against the background of the fact that a person’s own immunity attacks the connective tissue and small bones in the palm of your hand. The joints of the hands are the first to be affected. Moreover, women over the age of 35 suffer more often from such a problem.

It is important to understand, doctors noted, that today there is a high-quality treatment that allows you to slow down the development of pathology. The main thing is to pay attention to the symptoms in time and consult a doctor. Should be alert:

  • swelling;
  • redness;
  • pain;
  • stiffness in the joints in the morning.

If such signs appear, you should not wait, it is better to contact a rheumatologist as soon as possible.

Long clothes and socks

Such an outfit can hide swelling on the legs. Cardiologist German Gandelman noted that this is a sign of stagnation of blood due to gravity. Various pathologies can cause the problem. But the first thing to check for is heart disease, as this condition is life threatening. “When the heart works well, the blood moves well; and if interruptions begin, the blood is pumped with difficulty and delayed. Therefore, the first thing to do if there are swelling on the legs is ECHO KG. With its help, you can determine the pathology of the heart, ”advised the cardiologist Gandelman.

The next item, if the problem is not in the heart, you need to check the kidneys – whether they work well. If this is in order, it is worth being examined for varicose veins.

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