About how the state of the digestive system is affected by various daily habits of a person, the doctors told in the program “Live healthy!”.

Habit one – drinking too hot scalding tea

As doctors noted, there are a lot of such people, there are even entire nations in whose culture the habit of drinking hot tea is fundamental. And it is extremely unhealthy. So the doctors said that Iranian scientists conducted a study that lasted 4 years, during which time they monitored the condition of 50,000 people. According to the results of the work, it turned out that those who prefer to drink tea with a temperature above 65 degrees in the amount of 700 ml per day are 8 times more likely to experience stomach cancer than those who choose not so hot drinks.

The second habit is to sit in the toilet for a long time

Another common habit: someone retires in this way, someone reads books. And it is also extremely harmful. As noted German Gandelman, this is a direct path to the development of hemorrhoids, that is, the expansion of blood vessels in the rectum, when the venous outflow is disturbed. Hemorrhoids can be both external and internal.

Elena Malysheva She added that at this moment, blood begins to stagnate in the lower part of the rectum, hemorrhoids appear. Herman Gandelman noted that such a condition is dangerous by bleeding. Such nodes can thrombose, which causes severe pain and constipation, which drastically impairs the quality of life. “The toilet was created to do its job and go out, not sit,” Herman Gandelman explained.

The third habit is to eat up at night and drink tea with mint

Immunologist Andrey Prodeus noted that filling the stomach before going to bed is not the best option, since then we immediately go and lie down. “This leads to the fact that the risks of reflux of contents from the stomach into the esophagus increase. And there will be reflux. Additionally, tea with mint, and just tea, aggravates the situation. They relax the sphincter – a bridge that closes the passage between the stomach and esophagus. With reflux, the esophagus is damaged, which becomes a potential risk for the development of cancer of this organ,” Andrey Prodeus explained.

Elena Malysheva added that hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach – the organ is reliably protected from it by the mucous membrane. But in the esophagus there is no such protection. Against the background of the damage received, a person may feel heartburn, but some do not feel such a symptom.

Habit four – fatty foods and alcohol

These whales of ill health, as Herman Gandelman emphasized, lead to fatty degeneration of the liver. It also becomes susceptible to the effects of viruses. All this can eventually lead to cirrhosis.

Elena Malysheva summed up that seemingly harmless habits that do not look dangerous can lead to serious damage to the entire digestive system as a whole. And here it should be understood that the way of life determines the outcome of life itself, the doctor emphasized.

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