Nutritionist Jolanta Langauer said that eating breakfast rich in proteins and fats will help to avoid overeating after a lack of sleep. This was reported by the TV channel “24”.

The doctor explained that the hormone ghrelin is responsible for the feeling of hunger, which begins to be produced in large volumes with insufficient sleep. This leads to the desire to eat junk food. Healthy foods will help normalize the level of hormones.

“The best option is regular chicken eggs, which are an ideal source of protein, and in combination with fat. The yolk is pure phospholipids, that is, fats, ”said the nutritionist.

The doctor noted that three eggs would be enough. You can also add healthy fat in the form of avocados and slow carbohydrates, such as buckwheat.

In addition, it is better to stop drinking coffee after 16:00.

“Of course, it will invigorate, but then it will take twice as much energy as this cup gave,” Langauer said.

Earlier, a dietitian told what foods help drown out hunger during a diet. The list includes celery, egg white, carrots and bran.