Elena Malysheva and immunologist Andrew Prodeus on the air of the program “Live healthy!” told how older people should protect their immunity through vaccinations.

As doctors noted, a person’s immunity changes with age, becomes more vulnerable to viruses, microbes and cancer cells. This is explained simply: in the body there are two central organs of the immune system – the bone marrow and the thymus gland (thymus). The bone marrow, Andrei Prodeus said, produces new blood cells that perform a protective function. We are talking about white cells – leukocytes. “They go from the bone marrow to the thymus, where they learn to protect us more effectively,” Andrey Prodeus emphasized.

With age, the number of cells decreases, and their quality decreases. The gland practically stops working, and it is not able to “educate” even those cells that are still being formed in the bone marrow. Therefore, a person is vulnerable to infections.

As doctors have noticed, timely vaccinations will help protect the adult generation. Moreover, some of them are critical for people aged 60+. Andrei Prodeus noted that this is primarily a flu shot, which must be done annually, since the strains are constantly changing. It is also mandatory to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. And the third is the pneumococcal vaccine – it should be repeated every five years. This vaccine protects against pneumonia, ear infections, and a serious bacterial infection.

In addition, Elena Malysheva added, people over the age of 60 need to repeat the entire children’s vaccination schedule in order to be protected from measles, rubella, mumps, whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus and other infections.

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