A new flagship multidisciplinary clinic was opened by the federal medical network Bud Zdorov. The solemn ceremony took place on September 20, 2022 in at the address: Ryazansky Prospekt, 2B.

The medical network is one of the leaders in the commercial medicine market. Working for patients for 17 years. The new multidisciplinary center has become the fourth clinic in and the tenth throughout the country. The new clinic is fundamentally different from other branches of the network. For the first time, an operating block, a round-the-clock hospital, a day hospital, and an exercise therapy room will operate here, providing wide rehabilitation opportunities.

“This is the first clinic of our network of such a scale. The new flagship clinic organically combines everything a modern person needs to take care of their health and lead an active lifestyle. On its territory of 5,000 sq. m will employ more than 250 qualified specialists of various profiles in more than 30 types of medical activities, candidates of medical sciences. The clinic plans to serve more than 80,000 patients a year. In general, in 2021, more than 250 thousand people visited our network of clinics “Be Healthy”. The opening of a new full-cycle clinic will be the beginning of the next stage of development and large-scale transformation of the entire network,” said Philip Mironovich, CEO of the Bud Zdorov network.

Photo: Clinic “Be Healthy”

The Ryazansky Prospekt clinic was opened in the new corporate style of the Bud Zdorov brand, which reflects innovation, high technology, and meets the requirements of the time. The new dynamic image emphasizes the qualitative changes in the level of equipment of the network’s clinics and patient care. In the near future, all clinics of the network will be transformed in accordance with uniform standards.

Particular attention is paid to the system of selection and training of medical personnel. “Business today is not a faceless organization, it is people who interact with other people, patients. Therefore, “Be Healthy” employees regularly undergo training and improve their skills. Many of them have more than 20 years of experience, conduct scientific activities, participate in conferences at the federal level,” said Philip Mironovich.

The large-scale growth in the technology of Bud Zdorov was reflected in the launch of several projects and the renewal of the medical equipment fleet. Patients of the new Ryazansky Prospekt Clinic will have access to a convenient mobile application that allows them to make an appointment or examination according to the treatment plan with even greater comfort, as well as see the results of tests and examinations, get acquainted with information about specialists and their work schedule, go to an appointment without standing in line at the reception.

Photo: Clinic “Be Healthy”

Patients are also offered the “Personal Assistant” service, which makes assistance personalized. And this is the company’s priority. A personal assistant will help you make an appointment with specialists without contacting the call center, build competent logistics by optimizing the time of visits to the clinic, tell you about special offers, reserve a parking space, etc.

As part of the event, a new service “Be Healthy” – “Health Monitor” was presented. This is a compact set of devices for express diagnostics and telecommunications with specialists, which allows you to create a health passport in 10-15 minutes. The complex is suitable for conducting health checks of office employees, which will prevent morbidity among them. Insurance companies can also take part in this in order to conduct an assessment before concluding VHI agreements. It can also be used at home to monitor the health of chronically ill patients and communicate regularly with the attending physician. “Health Monitor” allows you to significantly save money and time through the use of telecommunication channels and prompt receipt of conclusions and referrals from a specialist.

Photo: Clinic “Be Healthy”

To upgrade the clinic’s equipment fleet, more than 50 units of innovative expert-level medical equipment were purchased. The operating room has a C-Arm, a mobile X-ray machine that provides a high level of control over operations. It is planned to carry out a wide range of elective operations in the field of gynecology, urology, phlebology, traumatology in the operating unit, with the advantage of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. Purchased endoscopic racks Karl Storz – a leader in the production of equipment for minimally invasive surgery in various fields. Also, high-precision radiation diagnostic equipment (MRI, CT, X-ray) has been installed, which is characterized by low radiation levels and a high level of safety and image quality. It is also worth noting that Bud Zdorov’s own laboratory has a fleet of innovative equipment from leading manufacturers (Abbott, Roche, Beckman Coulter, Bio-RadLaboratories, Instrumentation Laboratory, Thermo Fisher) and one of the fewin world has a unique WASP seeding robot for microbiological seeding high precision.

The exercise therapy room is the pride of the Bud Zdorov medical network. It was equipped with equipment with an intelligent control system, thanks to which people will be able to undergo active rehabilitation within the walls of the clinic in case of violations of the functions of the musculoskeletal system, spine, and joints. The rehabilitation equipment park includes, for example, the Tergumed system®, which allows for functional training of the whole body and individual muscle groups. As well as equipment for kinesiotherapy of the back and multi-wavelength laser therapy (MLS), which has no analogues in the world, allowing you to recover from arthritis, injuries, neuralgia, back and joint pain, moreover, the effect is observed after the first procedure.

Photo: Clinic “Be Healthy”

The guests of the opening ceremony were: top managers of the largest insurance companies, business partners of the company, representatives of the press. The presentation of the possibilities of the new clinic “Ryazansky Prospekt” was held by the General Director of the network of clinics “Bud Zdorov” Philip Alexandrovich Mironovich.

Address of the new clinic: , Ryazansky prospect, 2B. Details on the website: www.klinikabudzdorov.ru.

There are contraindications. Specialist consultation is required.

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