For many years, doctors have distinguished cognitive health disorders from the general range of human health problems. What it is? Nowadays, the concept of “cognition” (from the Latin word cognition) is defined as knowledge, study, awareness.

Healthy as a way of life

In the broad sense of the word, cognition is the ability to perceive and process external information by the brain. Cognitive health refers to the ability to think clearly, learn new things, and remember what you have learned.

One of the most important indicators of cognitive health is memory. It is believed that after 25 years it begins to weaken in a person, but this is, so to speak, the average for the hospital. Some have problems remembering and retaining names, dates and events from school age, while others retain an excellent memory until old age. And scientists already more or less understand what it depends on.

A healthy lifestyle plays a huge role in maintaining cognitive health. What it is, even those who do not observe it know. It is good to follow healthy diets and avoid fatty, sweet and salty foods. It would be good to stop smoking and drinking too much alcohol. It’s good to get regular sleep. It would be nice to live without stress, but who will give us? It would be nice to maintain at least minimal physical activity. Walking, swimming or cycling is fine if you can’t bring yourself to run and exercise.

For the majority of the population, following all these rules is a rather big difficulty. So scientists figured out how to ease the path to cognitive health in this case. These are medicines and dietary supplements – biologically active food supplements.

No one canceled the pills

The latter include, for example, the innovative complex of neuropeptides N-PEP-12TM MEMOPROV® (MemoProve®). This is a dietary supplement, which is represented on the Russian market by EVER Neuro Pharma. MEMOPROVE® can help with mild to moderate memory problems.

MEMOPROV® is a proprietary blend of neuropeptides that helps support optimal levels of cognitive function. This dietary supplement helps to stimulate the production of new brain cells and the formation of their new compounds. And all this in one tablet – this is the recommended daily dose of dietary supplements. Additional information is available on the website:


EVER Neuro Pharma seeks to maintain both cognitive and physical health by actively participating in sports activities.

So, this year, the EVER Neuro Pharma cycling team took part in two Russian cycling races. The first was called “Two Rivers”, it took place on September 4 in . This is a group road race that brings together more than 1,000 cyclists. Racers drove along the embankments of the Moskva River and Yauza past City, Luzhniki, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Kremlin and other sights. The competitions were held with the support of the Department of Transport and Moskomsport, the organizer was the National Association of Cycling Amateurs and Veterans. And one of the partners was EVER Neuro Pharma.

Bicycle race
Bicycle race “Two Rivers” September 4. A photo: Vladimir Dodyakov, AviMedia

The next time, to maintain cognitive functions, the EVER Neuro Pharma team started in the Gran Fondo Russia bike ride in Ruza on September 25th. This is the most popular series of cycling racesin world, which unites professionals and amateurs on one track. It has been held since 2016, and during this time more than 20 thousand people took part in the event. The routes of Gran Fondo Russia run along picturesque tracks near major cities and combine the best of cycling and cycling.

The motto of the EVER Neuro Pharma team at both competitions was the same: “Victory is in the head, not just in the legs! Support motor memory with MEMOPROVE®!”

The EVER Neuro Pharma team hopes that participation in cycling will be the first step and a good start so that people who care about their health and lead an active lifestyle find out how MEMOPROVE contributes to this®. Goals are achievable when you fight for them! Remember it with MEMOPROVE®! Additional information – on the website:

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