The liver produces cholesterol constantly – every day, more in the evening and at night, the cardiologist noted. German Gandelman in the program “Live healthy!”. At the same time, he warned that with the advent of cold weather, this production increases significantly. And regardless of the gender of the person. “The liver literally “bombs” us with it. And this is a fundamental question, since with elevated cholesterol levels, the risks of atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke increase, ”warned and Elena Malysheva.

This medical fact can be facilitated by a decrease in physical activity in autumn and winter, as well as an increase in body fat mass during the cold season.

Herman Gandelman explained what the danger is. Atherosclerotic plaques accumulate in the vessels, they can rupture, a blood clot begins to develop, and the result can already be strokes and heart attacks, as well as other vascular catastrophes. You can protect yourself here by taking statins – special drugs that reduce risks. Elena Malysheva also warned that it is important for everyone to know their cholesterol levels in the cold season. Moreover, it is quite simple to check it – just take a blood test. And if there are deviations from the norm, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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