The state of euphoria was assessed in the program “About the most important” Alexander Myasnikov. He noted that complacency and joyful excitement do not always indicate healthy behavior and a person’s condition.

“The first thing we always evaluate and prescribe in the patient’s medical history is the state: clear, contact. If he suffered on “hee-hee”, this is already a symptom, ”the doctor explained.

So, when a patient is admitted in a state of euphoria, they often do an analysis for the content of alcohol in the blood. If there is a lot of it, the patient will be allowed to sleep, and that’s it – he does not cause fear. However, if he is excited, and the alcohol in the blood is low and falling, this is already a reason to be wary, Alexander Myasnikov warned. Indeed, in such a situation, it can be a symptom of delirium tremens, which has a mortality rate of 30%. Then the person is placed in intensive care, put on a dropper.

Also, the doctor noted, when a euphoric state with inadequate behavior appears, a person is checked for the presence of liver diseases. Thus, hepatic encephaly (a change in consciousness against the background of liver failure) can manifest itself. As Alexander Myasnikov stated, with such a problem there can be both rude and inappropriate behavior, such as aggressive driving, and euphoria.

And also a too good mood, combined with a desire to constantly do something, and everything is burning and arguing in the hands, can be a sign of bipolar disorder (previously it was called manic-depressive syndrome). “You have to look closely at the person. If he talks, laughs, does something, and then sits deflated, he must be taken to a psychiatrist, ”the doctor explained.

A number of drugs can also influence the development of pathological euphoria.

How to achieve good euphoria?

There are several ways to achieve a good mood and uplift when it is not a pathology. So, for example, Alexander Myasnikov noted that you can go in for sports, but at the same time, to achieve the desired effect in the gym, you should work with full dedication, “when you work out for a long time, then you fall, changed more than one T-shirt, which you even squeeze out, and then you understand that I could and did, and here comes the feeling of euphoria.

You can also feel satisfaction by doing something that you previously did not allow yourself. For example, eat a frying pan of potatoes with lard. But the feeling of happy excitement will only be if a person does not reproach himself for this, does not begin to worry about the kilograms gained in the morning. You should not eat like this every day, justifying everything with an increase in mood, but sometimes you can afford to get such pleasure from life.

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