The current difficult time, replete with negative news, contributes to the development of anxiety and stress. Psychologist Natalya Vorobyeva told RIAMO how to help her psyche.

According to her, first of all, it is necessary to recognize that the world has changed and will not be the same as before. It is worth learning to live in a new reality and get out of the “state of the victim.” This will help a clear formulation of the true needs that a person is able to satisfy on their own. You also need to remember to please yourself.

“Be sure to rejoice in the sun, good grades of children at school, any little things,” the specialist explained.

She also recommended observing the daily routine, taking walks and playing sports.

According to Vorobyova, physical activity will help overcome fears and panic conditions.

“No arguments of the mind are able to defeat panic: at this moment there is a release of the hormone, it is important to “burn” it with movement,” the psychologist noted.

She added that creative work will help to normalize the mental state.

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