Celery, egg white, carrots and bran are foods that help quell hunger during a diet.

She recalled that the diet should always have a complete set of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Celery in the case of a diet acts as a carbohydrate – an energy source with a very low calorie content. The doctor explained that the body spends a lot of energy on the digestion and assimilation of this product due to the large amount of fiber.

According to Lazurenko, you can eat 300 grams of celery per day at any time of the day. You can add egg white to it. The doctor said that in the morning you can use two eggs without yolk for breakfast, then a couple – as a snack, two more – closer to dinner.


Carrots are a source of vitamins A and B, which are necessary for the adequate functioning of the nervous system, take care of the nails, beauty and health of the hair and skin. One carrot per day can be eaten strictly until 18:00.


Further the doctor has told about bran. According to her, freeze-dried bran helps to be full and at the same time not gain fat.