The development of dementia can be stopped if you follow the recommendations of doctors and train the brain, therapist Alexei Khukhrev told 24.

According to the doctor, a sign of the development of dementia may be a decrease in short-term memory. In particular, it is worth starting to worry if a person does not remember what he did the day before, but easily talks about events that happened several decades ago, the doctor said.

Another sign is the loss of cognitive abilities. That is, it is difficult for a person to calculate, to understand what time it is, Khukhrev explained.

According to the doctor, aggression can become a characteristic sign of advancing dementia. In particular, people become suspicious, it seems to them that they are being slandered, he explained.

Most often, dementia appears in people after 70 years, but it can also develop at an earlier age after a stroke, the expert said.

The progression of the disease can be slowed down even if the patient has already been diagnosed with dementia, the expert said. Positive results can be achieved by controlling blood pressure, eating less salt, loading your brain with any tasks and taking medications prescribed by a doctor, he advised.

Earlier, Cambridge scientists said that it is possible to detect signs of brain damage nine years before the diagnosis of dementia.