Children who cannot eat when they want do not develop the ability to control their appetite on their own. Parents with authoritarian parenting styles are more likely to have overweight children. This is reported by Novye Izvestia with reference to a study by Imperial College London.

It is noted that children of strict but attentive parents weigh about one and a half kilograms more than their peers.

The authors of the study argue that authoritarian mothers are highly demanding, always striving to control children. For this reason, a child who is forced to eat on a schedule cannot properly regulate energy intake and may overeat.

The researchers analyzed information about more than 10 thousand children from Britain. Scientists have identified several styles of parenting. Parents, in their opinion, are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and dismissive.

It turned out that children from authoritarian and neglectful parents were more likely to weigh one and a half kilograms more than their peers, whose parents adhered to authoritative and permissive parenting styles.

Earlier, a new study by American scientists showed that people who want to lose weight do not always need to go on a strict diet. Sometimes it is enough just to change the time of eating.