People are constantly losing weight. The reasons can be different – vacation, dream date, New Year, and just wanted to. In this case, we are usually talking about radical methods, when right off the bat. In fact, experts say, in the process of losing weight, many often make various mistakes that prevent them from getting the desired result. What are – told nutritionist, specialist in healthy nutrition, member of the Supreme Expert Council of the Department of Longevity and Quality of Life of the Academy of Social Technologies Anna Makarova.

What not to do?

The nutritionist notes that the following factors can be attributed to the number of mistakes of losing weight.

The first is to look for quick solutions: mono-diets, fasting days, severe starvation

“Purges, detoxes, mono-diets and other activities of this kind are stupid ideas. After all, they all lead to the opposite: yes, at first you can notice some effect, but then everything will return, and even in a larger volume. The sooner you give up looking for quick solutions, the less time (and maybe money) you will spend on these nonsense, ”the expert emphasizes.

It is necessary to build your diet with a deficit of kilocalories, but not with a hard and painful one, but with a small one, Anna Makarova recommends. This will contribute to a comfortable weight loss without stress for the body, and most importantly – without disruption.

Second, set unrealistic goals.

Suppose, says Anna Makarova, a hypothetical man weighs 110 kg, but wants to return to the previous 80 kg. If he immediately aims for 80 kg, then a block of 30 kg will stand in front of him. Even on a purely psychological level, this block is difficult to move. Compared to 5-10 kg, losing 30 kg looks like something out of reach.

“It is wiser to go to the goal in small steps – breaking this goal into parts is much easier. Reducing weight from 110 kg to 100 kg (for starters) is another matter. A stone weighing 10 kg is easier to lift than a thirty-kilogram block, ”the nutritionist emphasizes.

Do it right: Try to focus not on the ultimate global goal, but on the disciplined implementation of the necessary conditions for weight loss every day – diet, a balanced diet with a calorie deficit, physical activity.

The third is to be disappointed with deviations from the diet.

“We are not perfect, but we forgive ourselves for many flaws. So why do we sprinkle ashes on our heads when one day we ate something not according to plan? Anna Makarova complains.

Do it right: accept the fact that deviations are inevitable, the diet will not be perfect, it does not have to be! Broke? No big deal, just go back to your meal plan the next day. Always get back on track, no matter the digressions along the way, the nutritionist advises.

Fourth – the desire to starve

Anna Makarova warns: women should not go below 1200 kcal in their diet, and men – below 1700 kcal! Although this is very little. “With such a caloric content, the supply of essential nutrients is greatly reduced, and fatigue also increases, which means that the desire to move also disappears. Also, the lower the calorie content, the more muscle we lose, which is highly undesirable, ”explains the specialist.

As needed: the body, in addition to providing the energy of its basal metabolism, required by it at rest, needs energy for other tasks – daily activities, training and other activities. Optimal – a deficit of 15-20% of the daily calorie requirement.

Fifth – complicate the process of losing weight

Almost everyone is a nutrition expert these days. Anyone will tell you what to exclude from the diet, what time frame to eat foods, what foods should not be eaten in the afternoon, and what should not be mixed with what. However, it doesn’t matter, the nutritionist warns.

“If someone tries to convince you that he knows the secrets of losing weight, you are being misled. Agree, if some work can be done with much less effort, why not do it? But is it always right? – says Anna Makarova.

How to: the simpler and clearer the diet, the easier it is to stick to it. It is important to understand the very essence of a balanced diet, and not get hung up on trifles and look for magical remedies. Then you will lose weight correctly, comfortably, and most importantly – with a good and fixed result.

Self-medication is unacceptable. There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist