Doctors Alexander Myasnikov and Alla Osipova discussed on the air of the program “About the most important thing” the potential risks of commonly used medicinal herbs.

The first misconception is that herbs are safe.

Alla Osipova noted that different combinations of medicinal plants must be calculated and carefully studied, because sometimes there is an incorrect combination of herbs in mixtures, which will give an unexpected result.

So, for example, not everyone knows, but a popular herbal preparation that is widely used – valerian – differs not only in a sedative effect, but also has antihelminthic properties. It is often combined with other plants. “In common complexes, it is often combined with mint, and mint can cause a paradoxical effect in such a situation, for example, overexcitation,” Alla Osipova emphasized. In addition, rosehip and mint are undesirable combinations, ginseng and St.

The second misconception is to believe that herbs will strengthen the immune system

Yes, they can increase the body’s defenses, but if used correctly. So, for example, common remedies – licorice and echinacea – cannot be used together. “Echinacea works more on killer T-cells, while licorice stimulates T-suppressors. Their combination is unfavorable. For immunity, this is the “push-pull” effect. So they cannot be taken in one bottle, ”Alla Osipova explained.

Misconception three – combine herbs and medications

Often, in addition to official medicine, many add herbal medicine, believing that plants are only good. However, in reality, such a combination, with the wrong selection, can cause bleeding. For example, regular garlic tablets should not be used with blood thinners. Alexander Myasnikov added that the herbs contain vitamin K, which is an antagonist (opposes) to a drug that thins the blood. As a result, there may be risks of both thrombosis and bleeding.

Alla Osipova noted that the results of such combinations are unexpected and unpredictable. So, for example, the use of today’s fashionable turmeric and contraceptives can cause an unplanned pregnancy, as the herb will quickly remove contraceptives from the body.

The fourth misconception is to drink herbs for a long time, without interruptions.

Usually, all herbal medicine is designed for long-term use of drugs. But it also happens that some herbs literally after a couple of weeks of their use lead to serious health problems. Same valerian. If you drink it for more than two weeks, there is a risk of experiencing severe colitis, when the stomach hurts, a strong disorder of the stool. And the reason for this will be difficult to find. Doctors will initially think about the infection and look for various explanations for the condition, and the problem is in the “harmless” weed. “Even if you really love valerian and drink it regularly, you need to take a break after two weeks,” Alla Osipova advised.

Grass is a medicine, sometimes powerful, summed up Alexander Myasnikov. Therefore, it is always necessary to warn the doctor about all herbal remedies that a person takes.