According to statistics, the average life expectancy of a person is constantly increasing. At the same time, doctors note, one should strive not only for the number of years lived, but also for their quality. Moreover, for healthy longevity, it is necessary to master a number of simple habits. However, it is worth starting at the age of 40. About what these habits should be, told Candidate of Medical Sciences, general practitioner, cardiologist Azizkhon Askarov and general practitioner Maria Evsyukova.

“Human health is determined not so much by calendar as by biological age. If you lead a healthy lifestyle that involves regular moderate exercise, the absence of bad habits (smoking and alcohol), eat right and do useful things, primarily mental work, then you can count on good health and many years of active life. Therefore, it is extremely important already in middle age, upon reaching the age of 40, to closely monitor one’s health and regularly undergo examination (dispanserization) by a general practitioner,” notes Azizkhon Askarov.

Why at 40?

Maria Evsyukova says that when a person is only 30-40 years old, the last thing he thinks about is old age. But in vain! In order for old age to be a joy, and not only for yourself, but also for loved ones, so that the desire to live and physical activity are preserved even at 80 or 90 years old, you need to take care of yourself and your health already in middle age.

Good Habits

Here are some useful habits, following which, you can definitely “live healthy” until old age and in old age, says Maria Evsyukova. Among them:

  1. “Movement is life!” A minimum of 10,000 steps a day will ensure a healthy metabolism in the body, so that it will fully absorb the nutrients obtained from food, regulate blood sugar, restore and build muscle and bone tissue.
  2. “We are what we eat!” Choosing quality foods that are rich in essential macro and micro nutrients will provide the body with the “right fuel” to maintain energy and strength. Avoiding alcohol, excessive consumption of sugar and salt, carbonated drinks, fried and fatty foods will improve the condition of the body. Add 400 grams of vegetables, whole grains to your diet and do not forget to drink enough water – 1.5-2 liters per day (if there are no severe kidney disorders and heart failure).
  3. “The harm of smoking is obvious. Smoking makes you old. Because of such a bad habit, a huge amount of free radicals accumulate in the body, which increase the overall level of inflammation, damage the arteries, impair the functions of the immune system and lead to physical aging.
  4. “Study and Learn Again”. When neural connections are disrupted, a condition such as senile dementia occurs, which is also characteristic of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. A change in character, a disorder of memory and intellect, a violation of speech, writing, and the ability to self-service – all this significantly reduces the quality of life. That is why it is necessary to give the brain work: read books, travel, change the usual route, meet new people, start and improve in hobbies. Mental stress is important at any age, and especially at an older age.
  5. “Stress is a blow to the head from within”. In modern society, it is difficult to find a person who would not be nervous. Every day we face all sorts of problems that provide us with “destructive stress”. Try to minimize your feelings by changing your attitude to a particular situation. And evening walks, classical music, meditation will help to quickly distract from pressing worries.
  6. “Sleep is perhaps the only pleasant necessity”. What definitely cannot be neglected is sleep for 7-8 hours. It would seem that we are “just sleeping”, but in fact, incredibly important processes are taking place in our body at this moment: a number of important hormones are produced (dopamine, serotonin, melatonin), tissue regeneration occurs, physical strength is replenished, processing and assimilation of the energy obtained in information day.
  7. “Avoid iatrophobia”. What is it? And this fear of doctors is the reason why a huge number of people avoid preventive medical examinations (medical examinations). Unfortunately, because of this, there is an untimely detection and treatment of diseases that significantly reduce the quality of human life. It is important to always remember that prevention is always better than cure.

The life and health of a person in middle age (40-50 years old) is largely determined by useful healthy habits, adds Azizkhon Askarov. The above also includes health tracking. Blood pressure should be below 140 to 90 mm Hg. Art., total cholesterol below 5 mmol / l, glucose less than 6.

In addition, recommends cardiologist Askarov, one should maintain a certain optimism. Responsible health care is a must. In addition to check-ups and examinations, early correction of disorders is required, as well as timely treatment of existing pathologies. All this together will help to live a full life, prevent aging and maintain active longevity for many years, sums up Azizkhon Askarov.