The proposal was made by Senator Elena Shumilova and Chairman of the Russian Red Cross Pavel Savchuk. The government will consider the initiative on 19 October.

Lessons are planned to be held in grades 9-11. Children will be taught first aid skills – how to stop bleeding, give artificial respiration, etc. What it will be – clubs, courses, extra hours or classes as part of the lessons “OBZH” has not yet been determined.

There is a proposal to combine medical training and initial military training.

The initiative found support among the deputies. “I fully support the very idea of ​​creating such lessons, the main thing is that it doesn’t work out, as with OBZh. So that the lesson does not become just an additional load for show. I will be happy to take part in the development of the program and will continue to monitor its implementation, ”the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education told Yana Lantratova.

The deputy noted that now schoolchildren should receive knowledge about first aid in life safety lessons, but teachers in almost no school attach great importance to this. “If they study, it is only in theory. But the ability to provide first aid is one of the most important,” recalled Lantratova.