One of the most common coffee additives is honey. A cup of hot drink with a spoonful of honey, according to lovers of this option, is very useful and gives vigor and energy. In fact, emphasized immunologist Andrei Prodeus, this is an extremely dangerous option. “When you add honey to any drink where the temperature is above 60 degrees, if it is good honey, it immediately becomes a carcinogen. It is better if you eat honey, still do it with coffee, but without pouring it into the drink, ”the doctor emphasized.

How to increase the benefit?

Cardiologist German Gandelman noted that the benefits of coffee are, among other things, in the content of vitamin B3, or niacin, in it. Vitamin contributes to the production of substances that dilate blood vessels, serves as a prevention of high blood pressure and other negative factors for the vascular system. Coffee also has anti-cancer activity.

At the same time, you can enhance the effect of the drink if you add vegetable sunflower oil to it. Oil is a source of vitamin E, which is distinguished by antiplatelet activity, that is, it reduces blood clotting and prevents ischemic strokes. Also, this vitamin is a recognized antioxidant. But, as noted by cardiologist Gandelman, the most interesting thing is that the combined intake of vitamin E and vitamin B3 increases the concentration of benefits for the heart and blood vessels.

In the north, as noted Elena Malysheva, this drink is extremely popular. Sometimes butter is used instead of vegetable oil.

The immunologist Prodeus noted that we destroy vessels, for example, with the same honey or sugar, damage appears on them, which are filled with deposited cholesterol, and plaques grow. It’s a constant inflammation. And the combination of vitamin E and niacin expands the vessel, helps to reduce the inflammatory response, the vessel is wider, blood flow is better, plaques do not grow, and platelets do not stick together and do not form blood clots.

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