Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can have symptoms similar to those of other disorders. About this in an interview with the newspaper. ru” warned psychologist Anastasia Nikolaeva.

The hallmark of PTSD is the presence of an event that threatened a person’s life, the expert clarified, noting that with such a disorder, a person, as a rule, seeks to avoid situations similar to the one that traumatized him, in addition, he suffers from nightmares and flashbacks, namely, involuntary memories about a traumatic situation accompanied by strong feelings.

“The edge is the opportunity to adapt and live a fulfilling life. If a person’s reactions to events prevent him from living and working, you need to go to a specialist, ”the doctor emphasized.

According to her, sometimes the symptoms are so subtle that they do not interfere with life. At the same time, if such manifestations bring significant discomfort to a person or his relatives, then it is worth contacting a specialist, the interlocutor of the publication added.

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