If the feeling of anxiety does not last very long and does not interfere with life, then this condition cannot be attributed to depression. Psychologist Natalia Panfilova told about this to “Evening ”.

According to her, one of the main criteria that distinguishes anxiety from depression is the duration of the condition and its impact on life.

“If a person is anxious, but goes to work, takes care of children, helps parents, that is, does not fall out of society, this is not clinical depression,” the psychologist said.

Panfilova noted that people often mean a bad mood by the word “depression”. However, she explained that in a clinical sense, depression means that a person does not have the strength to get to work or he constantly puts off important tasks. Only a doctor has the right to make a clinical diagnosis of depression, the psychologist emphasized.

The interlocutor of Vechernyaya Moskva pointed out that if depression is suspected, it is important to contact a psychiatrist who will select the treatment and help her return to social life.

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