Very often, relatives begin to extort details of your personal life from you. This can happen not only in the family circle, but also in conversation with friends. On the one hand, of course, you love them and do not want to be rude to them. On the other hand, they can touch on very sensitive topics.

Do you feel that at the next meeting you will have to extricate yourself from an awkward situation? So, you need to think over a certain retreat plan in advance.

Come up with standard answers to unpleasant questions. They should be neutral but truthful.

For example, to the answer to a painful question about the well-being of your next of kin, add: “I think he would love to see you.” If your interlocutor really cares about him, then he will surely find a way to talk to him personally. It’s just that sometimes people need to keep up the conversation, and they don’t even suspect that they can offend you.

Answer the question very briefly, and then quickly but discreetly change the subject. It should be similar to the one you started discussing. Then the interlocutor is unlikely to understand that you are moving away from the conversation. And if he notices this, then he will certainly not return to the old topic, since this would be inappropriate.

For example:

Why didn’t your brother come? (Actually, you and your brother are in a quarrel and have not communicated for a long time).

He decided to be alone for a while. Although with you, perhaps, he would be happy to talk. And how is your sister doing? I haven’t seen her in a long time either.

So you will not devote a person to the details of his personal life, but at the same time he will not be offended by you.

Of course, you will not always be able to deftly avoid unpleasant conversations. If you are simply not able to discuss something, you should come up with an answer in advance.