The approaching cold snap and the “hat season” make you think about additional hair care. Understanding the variety of professional products that are sold in stores is not easy. And many even prefer to use the experience of traditional medicine. There are a lot of different tips on how to care for hair on the Web – literally all the products that are at hand are used – herbs, oils, onions and even alcohol. But how useful is all this? About whether there is any benefit in such advice, told trichologist, cosmetologist, dermatologist Tatiana Egorova.

decoctions of herbs

One of the popular recipes is rinsing the hair after washing with decoctions of herbs. A variety of plants are offered to use – nettle, chamomile, burdock, fenugreek and others. According to popular advice, it is enough to steam dried grass – a few spoons and a glass or two of boiling water, let it brew, strain and rinse your hair after washing.

“Decoctions of herbs are quite useful to use. So, for example, sage will help to cope with excessive oiliness of the scalp. A decoction of chamomile is allowed for use in blondes – it will help them give their hair a golden hue and soften the hair. Nettle decoction is widely used to strengthen hair. There will be no harm from herbs, ”Tatyana Egorova agrees.


A product such as ordinary onions is especially popular in folk medicine. After all, it’s not for nothing that they say about him: onions from seven ailments. For hair in folk councils, rubbing from onion juice or gruel in the form of masks appears.

“The benefits of onion rubbing are based on the fact that such a product contains a lot of sulfur and selenium, which have a beneficial effect on the hair. Onion also has an activating effect on the hair follicles due to the local irritating effect of the product. Onion rubbing and gruel are quite possible – against their background, hair really falls out less, ”emphasizes trichologist Yegorova.

The specialist notes that such a tool is not dangerous, so you can rub it into your head as much as you like. Of the pluses – if we compare it in terms of irritant action with pepper, which is also actively used to treat hair, it is not so active. The downside is that it has an unpleasant smell.


Bread-based masks or even just using it to wash your hair instead of shampoo is another common recommendation. As a rule, it is recommended to take black bread, preferably rye. It is believed that it contains many useful substances that can strengthen the hair.

“Using bread as a hair mask is beneficial. Indeed, in such a product there are vitamins of group B. Indeed, you can wash your hair with rye bread instead of shampoo. This recommendation is especially relevant for owners of oily hair. Of the advantages of such a product – it does not contain many parabens and sulfates that bother you, as well as other chemical components, it is a completely natural product. In practice, I came across a situation where a woman washed her hair only with bread, and her hair was shiny, soft, and fell out less. I can recommend such a tool, ”explains Tatiana Egorova.


Usually, various hair rubs are made on its basis. It is assumed that strong alcohol will also have a local irritant effect.

You should not get carried away with this option, and you can only use vodka for making infusions, but not wine, cognac and other types of drinks, notes Tatyana Egorova.


Oil wraps and masks are also on the wave of popularity in folk medicine. It is believed that oils nourish, saturate, fill with vitamins and strengthen strands. Various options are used – burdock, coconut, macadamia oil and others.

“Oils are only good for the hair shaft. The hair itself resembles fish scales. When the scales are raised due to various reasons – overdrying, damage, etc., they rise, and the hair becomes dull, but we need it to shine – only then it looks healthy and well-groomed. The oil seals the hair scales, making the shaft itself softer and more elastic,” explains Tatiana Egorova.

The only thing to consider is that oils are not recommended for use on dyed hair. This is due to the fact that the tool will literally knock out the paint from the hair, Egorova warns.

As for the choice of product, there are no restrictions – you can take any option that you like. The only thing – to achieve the result, you need to use the oil regularly.

So, sums up Tatyana Egorova, traditional medicine can be adopted. But it is worthwhile to understand that there will be no sense in using one-time promotions – here either try to maintain the course for a long time, or it is better not to take it at all. And, of course, it is advisable to consult a doctor first, as hair problems can be internal, for example, if there is a vitamin deficiency. In this case, it will be necessary to strengthen the hair both from the inside and outside.