With the advent of autumn, various diseases can worsen, including pathologies that lead to pain in the eyes. Some of them are ophthalmic, others affect the eye indirectly. In the program “Live healthy!” Elena Malysheva and her co-hosts – an ophthalmologist Mikhail Konovalovcardiologist German Gandelman and immunologist Andrew Prodeus – told what unexpected reasons can lead to vision failures and the risk of losing it forever.

Angle-closure glaucoma

This problem belongs to the number of ophthalmic, that is, when the failure occurs directly in the eye.

During an attack, a person feels symptoms such as:

  • pain in the eye that radiates to the parietal zone;
  • redness;
  • nausea or even vomiting;
  • headache.

As Elena Malysheva noted, the pain in the head in this case is characterized as “hellish”. In addition, vision deteriorates. Ophthalmologist Konovalov noted that this situation requires urgent intervention, because a person can lose sight in just a couple of hours.

In this case, this condition is often confused with an infection, since vomiting is present. Therefore, a person can be taken to an infectious diseases hospital. Elena Malysheva recommended in such a situation to ask doctors to measure intraocular pressure so as not to lose precious time.

Pathology develops due to blockage in the eye of the fluid outflow system. Mikhail Konovalov noted that fluid in the eye always circulates. “When the anatomical features are violated and the fluid cannot pass from the posterior chamber of the eye to the anterior chamber, pain occurs, the fluid continues to be produced, and high intraocular pressure develops. And the task of the doctor is to establish the outflow of this fluid, ”said Mikhail Konovalov.

This problem is solved with the help of laser correction – right in the ophthalmologist’s chair, the doctor makes a small hole in the patient’s eye with a laser, the outflow is restored, the situation is evened out.

cluster headache

In this case, we are talking about a neurological problem, and pain in the eyes becomes only a symptom and a consequence. Men, according to cardiologist Gandelman, suffer from such pain three times more often than women. In such a situation, the following symptoms are tormented:

  • severe pain in the eye, sharp, stabbing;
  • lacrimation;
  • severe headaches.

As Herman Gandelman noted, such a condition is treated quite simply – you can use migraine drugs, or you can just breathe in oxygen. Therefore, such patients are often recommended to purchase oxygen tanks. Painkillers, as Elena Malysheva noted, may not work – you should be prepared for this.


Herpes, which is familiar to many, can also become a trigger for pain in the eyes. It is usually associated with rashes on the lips. But sometimes, with the onset of cold weather, it can also develop in the eye area, leading to redness, pain and tearing. At the same time, herpes is also on the lip.

The immunologist Prodeus said that in this way dormant herpes can manifest itself, since it often lives in the trigeminal ganglion.

Ophthalmologists call this condition herpes keratitis. Ophthalmologist Konovalov noted that the problem starts from the periphery and gradually reaches the center, as a result, the entire cornea is completely covered, its turbidity and swelling begin. Such a process is treated poorly, and is also prone to relapse. And after a few years.

The immunologist Prodeus noted that herpes can be treated only during the period of activation of the virus. When he sleeps, it is unlikely that anything will be done with him. If redness of the eye and pain appear, you should consult a doctor to get a diagnosis and start treatment.

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