Psychologist Evgenia Pogudina, in a conversation with , listed phrases that can break a child and negatively affect his future.

The expert emphasized that it is especially important for children to hear words of support and approval.

The phrase “yes, who do you need / need / need you like” can destroy a teenager’s self-esteem. In adult life, such children are not able to make informed choices. Parents, by saying such words, make a promise that something is wrong with the child.

In addition, the psychologist does not advise comparing the achievements of the child with his own. After the phrase “Yes, I am at your age …”, a person begins to feel not good enough.

The words “you won’t succeed” are often heard not only by children, but also by adults. The psychologist noted that parents thus do not leave the child a single chance for success.

Also, the phrases “there is nothing to pamper yourself!”, “if not for you, I …” and others can also affect the life of a child. Read more about this in the material .