Physiotherapist Philip Glubokov spoke about the effect of the degree of roasting of coffee beans on the body. It is reported by Channel Five.

According to the doctor, heavily roasted coffee can slow down the processes of the digestive system, while lighter roasted beans, on the contrary, can have a beneficial effect on them and significantly speed up digestion.

In this regard, Glubokov noted that strong coffee should not be combined with full meals, but lovers of such a drink can consume it in limited quantities between meals.

The physiotherapist also clarified that the popular myth about not drinking coffee with certain foods is not true. He explained that the use of desserts or cream along with a drink will not cause serious harm to the body.

Previously, nutritionist Jen Breuning said that to maintain a charge of vivacity and healthy intestines, you should start the day with water, one cup of coffee without sugar and cream, tomato juice or a smoothie.