Chest pain during exercise, low heart rate, and severe dizziness may indicate heart problems. Aleksey Khukhrev, a general practitioner, warned about this in an interview with 24.

The specialist urged not to ignore chest pain that occurs in response to normal physical activity.

“I went up to the floor – I got sick. He stood for two minutes – let go. I went up to another floor – I got sick again, ”explained Khukhrev.

It is also necessary to see a cardiologist if the heart beats intermittently, dizziness appears, and loss of consciousness occurs. It is clarified that these signs can signal arrhythmia.

“When the heart suddenly began to beat too rarely, the pulse is less than 55 at rest during the day when awake and it does not increase from physical exertion, which means that a blockade has arisen. You also need to see a doctor, ”the doctor added.

The anesthesiologist and resuscitator told how to recognize a stroke.