The appearance of chronic fatigue can signal the development of a dangerous disease, neurologist Elizaveta Rozhnova told Channel Five.

According to her, up to 10% of the population experience excessive fatigue, fatigue, muscle weakness.

The reason for this condition is anemia, chronic infections, oncology, thyroid disease, depression, lack of sleep, burnout syndrome, the expert explained.

Rozhnova also notes that one should pay attention to symptoms such as fever, weight loss, excessive sweating, muscle pain, twitching, and then consult a specialist.

Diagnosis in the early stages will help to identify the pathology and start timely treatment, the neurologist concluded.

Earlier, the psychologist said that people who adhere to the principle that their life should develop “linearly and only for the better” are more likely to experience seasonal depression than others.

The emotional sphere of such people is negatively affected by accumulated physical fatigue, reduced daylight hours and, as a result, a deficiency of vitamins D and E.