Natalya Gavrilyuk, a cardiologist-therapist, spoke with Channel Five journalists about the death of Yuri Shatunov and noted that the story of the Russian singer teaches at least not to ignore chest pain, shortness of breath and weakness.

Shatunov died on June 23 at the age of 48. According to one version, the cause of death was a massive heart attack, which surprised many, because the artist never publicly complained about heart problems. Later it became known that the musician died in the same way as his mother.

Gavrilyuk is not familiar with the singer’s medical history, but suggests that he had atherosclerotic plaques in his heart, the destabilization of which can lead to a heart attack even in young people.

The doctor advised to seek medical help in time, noting that often cardiovascular pathologies are “stubbornly, boringly” excluded in young people, even those who have been examined earlier.

“Instability against the background of infection, against the background of overwork, stress is possible even in a person who does not have a predisposing factor,” Gavrilyuk emphasized.

Earlier, cardiologist Zaur Shugushev listed the symptoms of a “silent heart attack”, saying that usually characterized by severe chest pain, in some cases it may not be accompanied by it.